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Team Announcement/Information
« on: July 29, 2014, 03:16:03 AM »
Through a series of calculations taking into account total posts, posts per day, and chat activity of the following participants and a little random dice rolling (we are war gamers after all) i present to you the following teams for the FIRST WARMASTER TEAM PAINTING CHALLENGE (sorry for any spelling errors).

Team #1
The Overlord
Aussie Ork

Team #2
Almost Mercury
Ronnie Law
Sergeant Shamrock

Team #3
The Terrain Tutor
The Fallen Star
Chaos Inquisitor
Dark Corner Painting

If i missed your name please Pm me and ill add you to the list. If you still want to participate after the contest has begun also send me a message and i will most definitely get you particpating on a team.

All teams will be required to post their progress photos in the relevant sections (that i will provide) with their team name. Eg: every member from Team 1 will post all of their photos (starting, WIP, and completed) in ONE section for the ENTIRE group. When posting picture please try and keep it to atleast the standard unit composition size (i really don't want to have to go through 100 photos of a single marine model ;) )

Another task set out for each team is to come up with a team name decided on by your collaborative thinking. The best team name will receive a additional ten points for their team at the start of the challenge. PLEASE MAKE SURE ITS A GROUP EFFORT.

Everyone is responsible for trying to keep their team motivated to get those armies painted. If you see someone not putting in any effort whatsoever just send me a message and ill try and get things sorted out.

Thanks everyone who signed up in advance and lets make this painting challenge a fun way of growing together as a community and getting those armies painted, and don't forget it gives Angel more eye candy that he always desires  ;)
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