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Hillshire's Legion of the Damned Tactica
« on: September 10, 2014, 11:17:46 PM »
Hillshireís Legion of the Damned Tactica - Ranged Weapons and their Uses

Legion of the Damned Legionnaires are easily one of the best units in the game for attacking the enemyís deployment zone. They can re-roll for scatter when they deep strike, have a solid 3++ invulnerable save when they get there (so they donít have to worry about getting into cover, they can just arrive right in the open) to keep them alive, and have a good selection of weapons to use once theyíve landed. No need to worry about running off the board since theyíre Fearless.

They can deal out quite a bit of damage since each squad can carry one heavy weapon and one special weapon per unit (5 man minimum). The sergeant can also take a variety of weapons, including combi-weapons. And since the Legionnaires are Slow and Purposeful, you always get the full use of your weapons. Even better, they Ignore Cover, something of a rarity for Space Marines.

Or think of it another way, cover means nothing to the Legion of the Damned. They donít need it and it won't save the enemy from their wrath. Which also has the side benefit of simplifying your thinking. Spend less time figuring out how to stay alive and more on how to deal damage.

Since thereís no variation of units, the only real consideration is what weapons to arm them with and how best to apply them.

Personally, I completely ignore flame weapons. Their main advantage is being a template weapon which ignores cover. Seems like a waste of having the Ignores Cover ability inherent to the Legion when there are plenty of other units that could do the about same thing for less points. Maybe not as durable but I really donít see flamers as the best choice.

Heavy Bolter isnít bad but kind of boring. Sure, you put out a few more shots that are slightly stronger but again, I think itís not the best use of the Legionnaires.

Plasma starts to get interesting. You could put out a fair amount of medium-high strength, low AP damage by taking a Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, and combi-plasma or plasma pistol. Decent range too. The downside is the costs add up pretty quickly and you run the risk of killing your gunslingers. Might be worth it though.

Personally, I like taking a 5 man (ghost?) team armed with just a Plasma Cannon. Itís just too good with Ignores Cover! Thunderfire Cannons donít stand a chance. Unless it scatters too far. Too bad you canít take 2 Plasma Cannons in one unit. Anyway, with the long range of the Plasma Cannon, I like to drop them in on an objective away from the main battle, usually held by some backfield benchwarmers. Not hard to blast them off. Then drop lovely S7 AP2 blasts which Ignores Cover from long distance while holding the objective.

Maybe Iím missing something but the Missile Launcher just doesnít interest me. If I wanted a blast, the Plasma Cannon is better and if I want a one-shot, high strength weapon Iíd rather have melta. Just seems like youíd need 3-4 missile launchers to achieve much of anything and thatíd require multiple units the way things are set up. So, Iím not totally against it but not really for it either.

The Flakk Missile starts to look interesting just because being able to shoot at a flyer with full ballistic skill and no cover save (therefor no jink save) is very nice. But again, a single shot wouldnít accomplish much. Itís not AP1 or 2 so you couldnít get an Explodes. Maybe strip off another hull point to finish off a flyer youíd hit earlier. In the end, itís a lot of points for not enough result in my book.

Similarly, the Lascannon is alright but if youíre deep striking anyway, melta is cheaper and better. You could use a similar tactic as discussed for the Plasma Cannon but the difference there is you could only ever hit one model while the Plasma Cannon could potentially hit a few more at a lower price. The long range, objective camping Lascannon is worth considering but probably not optimal.

By far, the best use for Legion of the Damned is melta. Since they can re-roll their scatter for deep strike, chances are good that you can place your Legionnaires within melta range, even with the melta pistol. And since it Ignores Cover, itís your best chance vs those pesky Wave Serpents, particularly if you can drop in behind them. Eldar players will likely keep their rears to the table edge as much as they can but sometimes they do need to come out and move about.

Kitted out with a multi-melta, melta-gun, and combi-melta or melta pistol, thatís 3 shots into rear armor of just about whatever you want at melta range. Even if itís front armor or AV14, youíve got a solid chance of real damage from within melta range. If you have two Legionnaire melta squads, they can drop in on either side of an Imperial Knight and keep it from being able to protect itself with its Ion Shield. Theyíd have a decent chance of taking it down in one turn.

Of course, if thatís in the middle of no manís land on the battlefield, youíve got a long march to rejoin the battle. But Iíll cover that in another post about unit tactics.

Thereís also the grav-pistol to consider. The range isnít great but it might surprise some opponents. Not sure itís worth the points. I tend to lean towards the combi-melta for my alpha strike but getting additional shots out of a grav-pistol or plasma pistol might good too. And itíd add +1A in assault. Worth a thought.

As always, feed back and corrections are appreciated! Particularly some new view points and tactics for our dearly departed Space Marine brethren who have returned from the grave to haunt and terrorize our enemies.
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