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[Starting in 40k] Review and Intro to armies that I've played
« on: October 29, 2014, 03:16:21 AM »
My very first Army was Space Marines (generic Ultramarines) as I bought the Assault on Black Reach shortly after it was released in late 2008. Space Marines are very durable, survivable and tend to be harder to kill in comparison to other races' Core units. Their basic Stats are T4 3+ armour save and a Boltgun (Bolter). They are considered the Benchmark of the 40K system and I can see why people think that. I consider Space Marines a very versitile army in the sense that you can take it to an assault themed army as well as a ranged base one. The army overall doesn't exceed at any of them however, does do a good job as a combination of the two. With the Assault on Black reach came a Dreadnought, Termintors, 10 Tactical Marines and A SM Captain. I expanded later to get a Predator some more Taticals as well as a razorback and drop pod.

Later on around mid 2010 I started to lose interest because I kept paying the same army every week. So my friend advised me to try and start out with a different army. That's when my mind went straight to a new chapter of Space Marines, but I decided against it since I was afraid that it would have the same effect as my Generic Space Marines and again I would lose interest shortly. So I went on the Internet and looked into the lore of Each and every army that was available. Suddenly I fell in love with Eldar, because I really liked the Idea of every loss is worth an unimaginable price. So my first army was 500 points. It included some dire avengers some guardians with Heavy Weapons, a wraith Lord and a Farseer. Unfortunately my Eldar knowledge was extremely limited since nobody played them at my Club. So I lost the first game ( AND I MEAN COMPLETELY GOT TRASHED BY MY OPPONENT) so I was slightly upset abut that. I told myself that it was just the first time and I had much to learn. I was right however I lost the next 5 games so I was really starting to question myself. After my 10th or so game just gettig destroyed I was ready to quit and just go back to Space Marines. On the other hand next week when one of my friends saw me take my Space Marines out o my gaming case he asked me about my Eldar. So I told him I was done with it and I didn't want anything to do with it anymore. But that day I still lost. And I realised that was because my tactics changed, so I was like hang on, I barely ever lose with my SMs so.. what happened. The answer was I grew into my Eldar army and was starting to adapt to it. So then I came twice a week to the Gming Club and just tried out my Eldar I didn't care if I lost, I was just Training as far as I was concerned. And then I won my 20th game or so, and it felt amazing, I satred winning more, I expanded my army and it was fantastic. Lesson learned: every army is different and required different play styles. Eldar have Space marine Weapons but have the survivability of an Imperial Guardsman.

With the release of Dark vengeance in 2012, I really liked the look of the chaos models in there so I decided to try them out. (To be honest I was intrigued by the fantastic Cost) So that's when I got into Chaos Space Marines. I play 2 specific Armies: Khorne and Nurgle themed. The Nurgle is low model count with lots of Bikes and Plague Marines as well as a Sorcerer and a Lord on Bikes. nd my Khorne army is a very recent addition to my collection inspired by Fritz's Lord Syn project.

Thanks and I hope this helped. :)
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