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deamons of GWAR
« on: April 22, 2015, 07:03:58 AM »

me as a long time GWAR fan (and as a spin-off from the warhammer empire forums im trying to make a dual-army)

Im wanting to start a GWAR themed army, with Oderus Urungus as my main man offcourse.
Now, for those of you who dont know GWAR, check out youtube or spotify or anything

as for the looks, i hope to go for something like this
Now, seeing this picture i immeadetly thought of chaos, i mean... what else!?
they are spikey, gore-ey, bad-behind sons of mothers

where do i need your help?
As im not entirely up to date with chaos Daemons at this moment im looking for a somewhat competitive list.
I hope you guys can help me with this in some way

What im looking for is a low model count army with the 5 brothers of GWAR being the centre pieces.
that being said, i do want them kind of sturdy and the units around the heroes should solely be serving them as well,... servants.

Now, i'm kind of wanting to stay away from daemon princes,
as they are regularly big models and i want my dudes a bit space marine/human sized. a MASSIVE oderus won't be good for modelling purposes/my personal goals.

Thinking of turning them into heralds,
1 on juggernaut
1 or 2 on discs
2 left, dont know what to do.

i know new books are coming out, i will probably not be using a lot of GW models as bases, so a lot of crappy green stuffing and kit bashing will be in order.
can you guys help me write a list?
aiming for 1K to 1750 (and anywhere in between to see what fgits best)

tghanks in advance