Author Topic: WTS: Warhammer 40k Tau Army Professionally Painted (Brush 4 Hire-Photos Inside)  (Read 1376 times)

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WTS: Warhammer 40k Tau Army Professionally Painted (I paint for Brush 4 Hire)

Location: USA (North Carolina) willing to meet or ship.

Price: $3500, willing to negotiate a bit but the price is already discounted. (Cost of models, books, and materials alone is just over $1700 at full retail, I discounted these- and the Forge World models- before generating the asking price).

It is worth noting that I don't 'need' to sell the army and these are my personal miniatures. I just don't have the time to finish the unpainted stuff currently with my commissions schedule and the army would be better suited for someone who would actually use them. Given this fact the above price factors in my labor put into the models.

Anyone out there looking to start a Tau force? Considering parting with my Tau army and models.

Unfortunately with commissions I just don't have the time to paint much of my own stuff these days so, putting this out there if anyone has any interest.


First time pulling them out in over a year, got to play at a local gaming shop recently:

Tau Army (Painted Portion):
Crisis Suit Commander
Commander R'Alai (Forge World)
24 Firewarriors
11 Pathfinders
4 Hazard Suits (Forge World)
1 Barracuda (Forge World)
1 Broadside
1 Riptide
Cadre Fireblade
6 Stealth Suits

1 Forge World Tau Sentry Turret (Burst Cannons)
10 Pathfinders
12 Firewarriors
1 B4H Hex Barricade
3 Crisis Suits (Magnetized)
2 Devilfish Transports
2 Hammerheads
?? Drones, I have all of the drones that came with the kits (Pathfinders, Riptide, Suits, etc just most of them are not built or painted)

Codex: Tau Empire (6th ed)
Codex: Farsight Enclave Supplement (6th ed)
Codex: Tau (3rd ed)
Codex: Tau (4th ed)
Imperial Armour Volume 3 Second Edition (Tau and Elysians Forge World Book)

Army Transport case and foam

Everything is on Dragon Forge bases with the exception of the 10 unpainted Pathfinders, I believe they are on some Secret Weapon bases.

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You have some very nice looking models!
I wish you the best of luck finding the right home
for that lovely army of greater good! :-*
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Thanks, hopefully someone will take them off my hands :)