Author Topic: Expanding 600 pts Sanctus Reach: Stormclaw 'The Fierce-Eye's Finest' Formation  (Read 1673 times)

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Hi everyone!

A friend of mine recently got into 40k and got the Space Wolves from the Sanctus Reach box. He modeled his miniatures as described in the booklet to form the Fierce-Eye's Finest formation (600 pts):

* Krom Dragongaze (Wolf Lord with MC Frost Axe)
* 5 WG Terminators (Heavy Flamer, TH/SS, Chainfist, 2 PFs, Frost Sword on leader)
* 5 Bloodclaws (Plasma Pistol, PF on leader)
* 5 Grey Hunters (Plasma Gun, 1 Plasma Pistol, Power Axe on leader)

He likes the formation and its rules and wants to expand his army to 1000 points. He was thinking about a Vindicator and some transports maybe. Any suggestions how to expand his force?

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I guess it depends on what he finds attractive about Space Wolves.

I like larger squads, so I would add another 5 Blood Claws and another 5 Grey Hunters before getting some Long Fangs for some ranged support.  The Blood Claws need a delivery system, so a drop pod or rhino might be a good idea.  I also prefer the flamer to the plasma pistol on blood claws because there is no roll to hit (WS3 is not really different from WS4 as far as offense goes, but a 15 point plasma pistol seems to be too expensive for a BS3 model).

If the appeal is the stuff that Space Wolves have that nobody else has the Stormfang gunship or Venerable Dreadnought with the axe and shield could make cool centerpieces for the army if one wants vehicles, or perhaps a Wolf Priest, Rune Priest, or both, to take advantage of the Wolves Unleashed formation.  Thunderwolf cavalry is also both good in-game and Space Wolf exclusive if one can get over the goofiness.

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If he's just wanting a vindicator with some transports I would go with

Stormwolf with two twin-linked multimeltas
Drop pod
Vindicator with Siege Shield

Seems like when ever I take my vindicator without a siege shield I immobilize it.