Author Topic: Painted Necron Army for Sale - USA  (Read 989 times)

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Painted Necron Army for Sale - USA
« on: August 02, 2015, 12:01:07 PM »
Hey all - picked up a great Warrior-heavy army and am looking for Paypal or newest edition Eldar.  Redmond, WA based, will ship within the US.  Priority given to lot sales.

UPDATED PICS to Photobucket account

I don't know a lot about Necrons, so sorry if I describe something wrong. Please let me know and I'll correct.
Lord w/Res Orb, painted ($8)
Lord w/spear (?), painted ($8)
31 Warriors, purple shoulder pads, no scarabs ($50)
28 Warriors on sprue, all missing scarabs. Rods for 27 (6x4 and 3 loose) ($45)
11 Warriors, blue shoulder pads, no scarabs ($20)
10 Warriors, five w/red shoulder pads, three primed black, two bare. No scarabs. ($15)
3 Heavy Destroyers, purple, one missing an arm, no bases. Weird wear marks on shoulder pads. ($40)
3 Destroyers, blue, one missing its head. One needs gun built, no bases.
3 Destroyers, bare, one needs gun built. Heavy glue on shoulder pads. No bases but look to be magnetized to sit on a base. ($25)
4 OOP Flayed Ones, painted. one missing an arm. ($15)
8 OOP Metal Pariahs (i think), painted same purple as Warriors and Heavy Destroyers. (??)
3 OOP Immortals (?), primed black and I'm guessing partial. ($10)
Thanks! Feel free to make an offer.