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New to Space Wolves
« on: August 05, 2015, 04:04:49 AM »
My interest in 40k started when I got Dawn of War: Dark Crusade for Christmas one year and I loved the Tau, mostly due to the fact they were the most overpowered thing in the game at the time. Eventually I graduated High School and as a gift my grandmother bought me Assault on Black Reach, my first tabletop set...besides a Trukk I got a few years earlier from a swapmeet and eventually lost. My friends would borrow my Orks and I would play the marines. A few years down the road, my Landlord gave me Dark Veangeance, the Sniper Scouts Kit, Dark Angels Starter Painting kit, Dark Angels Veterans kit and some brushes, more paint and glue. So, I went Dark Angels since I had so much marines.

Time passed and I got tired of Dark Angels, eventually selling them. I used the money, as well as money I had already saved up, and purchased Stormclaw and Deathstorm, with some extra bits. The idea being I would play Orks and get my brothers to play Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Nids. Eventually my grandmother and I moved from San Jacinto, California to Pueblo, Colorado. My brothers, not coming along, gave me their armies so I wound up having four armies (one 2000 point army and three, roughly, 700 point armies). After the move, I considered playing Tau for a time, but nothing became of it. As time passed, I traded my Orks to a new friend of mine in exchange for enough Legion of Everblight that I could play 50pt games of Warmachine/Hordes. I was taking a break from 40k but when it came time to return, I decided to do so as Space Wolves, one reason is because I like the look of the models, the other reason being that I wanted to play a power armour army that felt unique.

As of now, I currently own:
Krom Dragongaze
1 Generic Wolf Lord
10 Wolf Guard Terminators (One 5 man 'Assault' Squad and One 5 man 'Ranged' Squad)
5 Blood Claws
5 Grey Hunters
5 Fenrisian Wolves

I play at a local game store called Chaos Games and More, my most recent game being last Sunday at 1000 points vs Slaanesh Daemons. The local meta is pretty chill, although I'm still getting my ass kicked due to being able to only play 1000 point games with limited resources and having to go against people who basically bring things that are VERY hard for me to kill. I've been thinking about getting The Warriors of the Fang from my local store, but I'm not sure if it'll add enough new blood to my army to liven things up and hopefully make things a bit more fair for me. I'm also trying to trade away my Tyranids and Blood Angels with the hopes of getting more Space Wolves or money for more Space Wolves.

Any suggestions and/or help would be much appreciated.

I was thinking about coming up with my own paint theme for my army, the problem is that according to lore the only known successor chapter of the Space Wolves is more or less no longer in existence and because of this there have been no other Space Wolves successors. This is a bit of an issue because there is a player  in the group that is real into fluff and likes things to be fluffy and he's a cool guy, so I want my army to be fluffy as well. On the Lexicanum website, I managed to find a chapter called the Emperor's Wolves. Nothing is known about them, not their founding, father chapter, chapter master...even their scheme is unknown. All that is known is that they lost their 8th Company to Chaos, with the 8th Company becoming the Blood Disciples. So, I was thinking of playing the remaining loyal Emperor's Wolves. My problem now is coming up with a good scheme for them, currently I'm thinking black as a primary color but I don't know if that will come across as lazy or not.
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Re: New to Space Wolves
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2016, 01:38:52 PM »
Tim, are you still playing space wolves? I hope so. I'd suggest adding a storm wolf/fang.