Author Topic: Open day Round up: Doom of Mymeria NEW, corsiars, Mechanicum and Horus Heresy  (Read 1127 times)

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Not sure if this is the right subforum.

Round up from Spikey, very picture heavy: New releases: Nathaniel Garro, NEW WRAITH KNIGHTS, eldar corsiars jetbikes, Mechanicum Ordinators, new dreadnought, rerelease of Doom of Mymeria so shadow spectres might be part of craftworld formations YAY. New Horus Heresy legions: Dark Angels, Blood Angels, White Scars

Also some awesome golden demon images
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Thats funny because in May I sent them an email about the Eldar stuff not being on their website and asking them if they are going to make Wraithknight kits. This was there response from May 12th. I find it hard to believe that they just made all this stuff and reprinted the rules since then (unless they took my awesome suggestion lol):

Hi there.
Unfortunately that model is not currently available. Our storage space for stock is regrettably finite and so from time to time we have to review our ranges and take the difficult decision to remove some items to make the necessary room for new items. In this instance that model was one of those and we removed them when the last of the remaining stock was sold so please accept our apologies. This does not necessarily mean they will never return but it won’t be available for the foreseeable future.
We have no current plans to make any Wraith Knight kit upgrades, but you never know it may be something we do in the future.

If there is anything further we can do to assist you, or if you have any queries about the information we have requested or provided, please telephone us.

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