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Best Two Paired Armies?
« on: November 04, 2015, 11:04:14 AM »
So as an aside we have been talking about ways to grow and keep a gaming club or group active and one of the topics was how to both bring in and keep new players interested.

I have been working on putting together the 40K experience in a box- two fully painted 1500 point armies with terrain that can all fit in a box that I can take with me to the club/shop for demo games and letting new players use to see and inspire the full 40K experience.

One of the armies is going to of course be Space Marines- can you intro 40K and not have Space Marines.

But what about the second army?

Iím thinking Tyranids since they look so different then marines and even if one doesnít know the 40K fluff itís easy to see and understand humans vs. aliens.

Second choice would be Necrons?

Super humans vs. robots is easy to understand visually.

Part of the presentation is to also have other players and hobbyists in the shop see the game in action and come over to check it out so visuals are very important.

Thoughts on two armies from a visual perspective?
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Re: Best Two Paired Armies?
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2015, 12:58:42 PM »
Visually, Marines versus Orks will always be the best.  The smooth lines of the Marines and most people are familiar with Orks if they dabbled in anything fantasy.  And most things have a counterpart.  Rhino to Trukk, Dreadnought to Deff Dread, captain to Warboss, Land Raider to Battlewagon, Stormtalon to Dakkajet, Bikes to bikes.

I'd actually do Necrons versus Eldar.  Cold machines versus space elves.  Terminators versus Legolas.  Plus, it would give a great contrast.  The silver steel compared to an Eldar host with all of the colors.  Throw in some Harlequins too just cause.  But using atleast three Aspects, Biel-Tan Craftworld, Harlequins, you'll have a riot of very different colors going against the basic 'stamped out' Necrons that all look the same.

In the same vein as Necrons vs Eldar (uniform vs color) a Grey Knight vs Daemon army would be incredible.  It's more Marines, but I'd call it worth it.  The crazy Daemons do draw the eyes, and things like Bloodcrushers, Steeds of Slannesh and Flaming Chariots just look so awesome.  I'm not big on Blight Drones or whatever the Nurgle bug things are, but someone somewhere would love to see them.  Sadly, a varied list would have a rough time against Grey Knights without summoning, so I don't think it would do as a demonstration.  Or it could do really well if an experienced player demonstrates summoning, who knows.
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