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Death Guard

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Okay im pickinking up betrayal at calth and using the minis to start a death guard 30k army anyone got any pointers on what to equip these guys with and additions to the box set.

For extras Id say more missile launchers. They can take heavy support squads as troops and missiles are great for range and multi purpose. Just add a forge world set of missiles and you have an 8man squad with missiles or 2 5man squads where the sergeant doesn't have a heavy weapon. On the veterans in the box I'd give them flamers to get the most out of death guard Chem munitions.

Shameless plug:
I'm doing a focus on death guard in 30k on my blog at the moment, and there's an overview there now with more specific posts coming up so if you're interested check it out. Also have a look at other lists for death guard and have a read of the 1d4chan heresy tactica for marines (theres a section for DG).

Thanks man! Much appreciated for the advice!

 And hey anything that's useful is great! Think i will pick up the rulebook of FW too like having the hardback books.

Also, i will visit your blog and have a look

If you're going to use the Betrayal at Calth box for Death Guard, you're definitely going to need some Deathshroud Terminators to back up the Praetor in Cataphractii Terminator armor.  They're gorgeous models, and look definitely very intimidating.

Oddly enough the Death Guard are probably a bit cheaper of an army to field, since they askew the use of vehicles.  They prefer the implecable tide of white/green ceramite moving across the battlefield, shrugging off almost all fire and just crushing them under their inability to die.

Also, Calas Typhon....enough said.

You read my mind i have been eyeing the deathshroud terminators for some time and typhon. My very first army was a nurgel themed chaos so only seems appropriate to return to my roots :D. Just cant seem to stay away from traitors and chaos must say something about my personality haha


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