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What type of army are the legions?

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So I have been looking online for info on all these 30k legions. Everything I find is mainly all fluf.
What I want to know is how do the different legions play? Like are some legions shooty where others are very assault oriented. Psyker heavy etc.

I was just wondering if someone can fill in some info on this if I was to start up a 30k army

I'm just going to give the briefest of overviews because there's really a lot of information.  So you start by picking a Legion.  Each Legion has the same core units, then some special ones.  Like Ultramarines have shield and AP2 axe users, Word Bearers have jump pack and hand Flamer armed units, Night Lords have Terror Squads, Sons of Horus have some pretty expensive CC Terminators and there's a bunch more.  These special units can be the tipping point in some cases.  My own Ultramarines will have those axe guys I mentioned and a squad of Terminators that ALL have Typhoon Missiles.  Very painful to be on the receiving end of 20 S8 AP3 shots AND their Bolters.  My list is built around that idea.  Another Ultramarine list might not be anything even remotely close to that.

Next, you look at your HQ.  A Praetor (basically a Chapter Master) has access to a Rite of War that changes what you can take.  My own Ultramarines can't take more Tank units than Infantry, so a lot of my guys will be walking or have Jump Packs so I can fit in the few tanks I want.  One Rite says everything must have the option to Deep Strike or be in a Drop Pod.  There will be zero tanks in that list if someone takes that.  Alpha Legion has to Infiltrate their entire army with their unique Rite.  That will all change how you build an army.

Psykers and things like Chaplains are an upgrade on a Centurion.  Turn him into a Consul that does those other things.  Word Bearers require a Chaplain, no matter what size your army, one HQ choice MUST be a Chaplain (if I remember right).  World Eaters I don't think can take any Librarians.  These stem from the Legiones Astartes (Legion Whatever) rule.

As far as I know:
Iron Warriors: Mass Shooting
Night Lords: Morale modifiers
Word Bearers: Melee
Iron Hands: Tanks (duh)
World Eaters: Melee (duh again)
Ultramarines: Weight of Numbers
Imperial Fists: Weight of Numbers
Salamanders: Templates and Close Range Shooting
Alpha Legion: Changing the rules in your favor

I don't remember the rest.  I'm still fairly new to 30k.  Finally got into it when Book 5 came out.

Dirty Harry:
Just to add to what sharkoutofwata mentioned about the legions:

Ravenguard: character killers

White Scars: fast moving mid range shooting

Emperor's children: fast moving assault

Death Guard: slow moving assault, mid range shooting

Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Thousand Sons haven't been featured yet.

**don't know very much about Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, but I'm told they play well as an alpha strike list in pods.

Each legion plays differently as said above, but with the master of the legion rule from Praetors and special characters you unlock "rites of war" these allow further options and come in generic and legion specific.

Each specific rite will give you an idea on how the legion plays.

EC: maneuver, outflank and assault, challenges
IW: siege assault, heavy Dakka, attrition
BA: unreleased, assault, jump pack
WS: unreleased, bikes, assault
VF/SW: unreleased, assault
IF: receiving siege, attrition, challenges
NL: fear, night fighting, combat, jet packs
IH: actually INFANTRY & TANKS. Durable, shooting
UM: MSU, nothing well, everything a little bit
DG/DR: MOAR FIREPOWER, chemical weapons and heavy weapons
RG: infiltrate, low number of armoured vehicles
TS: unreleased, psychic (totally unbalanced, better be expensive)
LW/SoH: deep strike, assault, elite units, no really anything amazing
S: pyromania. Buy prometium pipe lines
WB: demon allies, sweeping advances, morale (super hard to play sub 2500pts (extra HQ)
AL: pick and choose, anything, everybody else's units, mess up opponents plans

To add a little to this list of info.

World Eaters CAN take Librarians, and it's rather funny they can (not Khorne yet, guys).  But yes, massed assault, hit them hard and fast and don't give a damn about how many you loose.

Death Guard can NOT take Librarians at all, as Mortarion despises all kinds of Psyker taint.  They also have a very low amount of vehicles, as they prefer the massed infantry moving forward and destroying everything with sheer numbers of firepower.  You'll actually find that a lot of Legions play this way.  Lots of use of Rad and Chem weapons, a LOT of them. 

Word Bearers, probably have the most special units of all the Legions thus far.  You have Gal Vorbak, which are like Possesed but on super Warp drugs.  Not only do they have a slightly better stat line, WS 5 BS5 and W2, but they also have shooting! And can be upgraded with different guns, and POWER WEAPONS!  Yeah they don't get the twisted by chaos little roll...but damn if they are not a touch bit more survivable.  Next you have the Mhara Gal, Tainted Contemptor.  This thing is just plain mean, nasty, not nice.  He does NOT play well with others and can actually end up screwing you over as well with his anti-pysker/daemon stuff.  But....this thing wrecks all sorts of shops.  And with the ability to -1str on Flamer and Melta weapons aimed at it....it's just a nasty piece of work. Diablolist specialist Consul, which is actually pretty cool.  Lorgar's ability to possibly only have to roll for a 3+ for warp charges...is nice.  Ashen Circle guys are quite nice as well.  Still, less vehicles and if you run fluff heavy, your smallest Tactical Squad is 20 guys (since in their fluff/lore that was the smallest unit they fielded).


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