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500 point Aliied Eldar
« on: March 02, 2016, 10:07:03 AM »
I picked up Dark Eldar recently because I love the models and fluff. I also really like the speed and precision of them. They seem like they need things to go the way they want, if it does things will go well if not....

So I whipped up a 500 point list using an Eldar detachment mostly for the Banshee Mask.

Realspace Raiders Detatchment

Archon - Blaster (HQ)
Attached to 5 Kabalites (Troops 1)

5 Kabalites - Blaster (Troops 2)

6 Reaver Jetbikes - 2xCluster Caltrops + 2xHeat Lance (Fast Attack)

Eldar Allied Detatchment

Autarch - Jetbike + Banshees Mask + Laser Lance + Scorpions Claw (HQ)     --Scorpion claw because hey 3pts to round it out
Attached to Reavers

3 Windrunners - Scatter Lasers (Troops)

So the design intent is around the Reavers with their clusters. Tossed in the Autarch for the Banshee Mask so they cant get overwatched. because I'm mostly focusing on them assaulting things and just Hammer of Wrathing everything into submission they can Jink every turn. 3+ cover every turn? great! This means those heat lances could even get chucked for another blaster in kabalite plus haywire or parasites kiss. Felt a bit lacking on anti tank though, 2 blasters and a laser lance S9 ap3 on charge, maybe? But it is only 500 points there wont be many tanks. Biggest problem would be armor saves, but anything low cost with good armor wont have much range and could get kited unit its ready to be charged.
Ignore Cover would ruin this list however....

Tell me what you think? Too much focus on jetbikes? Must take venoms? Lhamaean? Forget the Autarch? Looking for feed back

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Re: 500 point Aliied Eldar
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2016, 06:35:20 AM »
Without a transport your warriors will die really quickly.
I'm not sure what the Archon is adding, if you want one then obviously that's fine, but at this point level you're better off with a Lhamean or a Succubus if you want a more interesting HQ. Archon's usually need investment to make them worthwhile.

I'd drop the heat Lances off the Reavers and split them until two groups. They're not there to shoot. They're there to run interference, score objectives and assault tanks.

You're also probably better off with CAD instead of RSR. Obj secured is valuable. Switch to RSR when/if you have more than three fast attacks.