Author Topic: 1300 pts vs AM 1500 pts - 9 strike squads all deep striking turn 1.  (Read 736 times)

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I tried a fun army and took 9 units (4 combat squadded) of strike squads with hammer and psycannons vs Astra Militarum. I came in turn 1 with nemisis strike force, He bubblewrapped his tanks in infantry and mowed me down. I got 5 units on the table, 2 next round and 2 next round. 3 punisher guns + pask, wyvrns, lemun russes... I took out 3/4 of his force before I was tabled but it was 10-6 anyway.

What is the secret to making grey knights with their limited models work?

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dont spam strike squads especially with psycannons. Gk has an issue in the shooting phase firing at vehicles.

The ranged weapons that the gk have have no range. Psycannons with a range 24" salvo 2/4 like common.

You need to mix the models up bring a good range of models and lots of psychics.

Stormravens great fluffy unit the grey Knights coming in via air assault. Drop off purifiers with there cleansing flame and a dreadnaught w/ assault cannons. Assault vehicle dropping I big punch take out hordes punch a hole in vehicles assault them.
Dreadknights I bring 2 they are beefcakes and a great target to divert your opponents eyes while you move interceptors on to objectives

Draigo with paladin star dual librarians buff the hell out of them get some fnp (stear clear of melta s8)

Check Lawrence from table top tactics on YouTube he runs gk like a pro if you want null deploy all terminators with ndk and dual libs.