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40k random Army Draft growth System (like path to glory for everyone)


Currently testing a system for fun games with a randomly generated army, growing after every game. Unlike path to glory, it is supposed to work for every army in the game!
Here is what we came up with as of yet. Could use some input! (don't want to throw points out of the window yet.)

Starting out:
1 HQ 2 Standard
HQ is always the generic codex choice ( Captain for SM, Commander for Tau, Warboss for Orks, Archon for DEldar, Hive Tyrant for Nids etc...)
2 Standard units must be two Different units. If there are more than two in the Codex roll randomly!
First Game:
Before the first game one more unit is randomly chosen from the Codex.
We made a list including all units in the codex except Named Characters and Lords of War and roll a dice!
With 1HQ, 2 different Standard, 1 RandomUnit each player makes a list of 600 points and the game is played.
Consecutive Games:
At the end of every Game, players get to add to their list for following games:
1 Random Unit is rolled on the Codex-Table
250 points can be spent on the new unit.
If the new unit is reasonably upgraded, Overflowing points can be put into Upgrades for existing units!
If you can't spend all the points you get a random Standard unit to sink the points!

No Downgrades allowed! Upgrades bought once are Irreversible except for your initial HQ who can switch equipment but may not lower his points cost.
No Named Characters, no Lord of War.
No Vehicle or MonstrousCreature Squadrons.
Units do not have acess to Dedicated Transports!
If a cheap Transport is rolled on the Codex-Tabe (ex. Rhino) you get 3, medium Transports (ex. Razorback) you get 2.
The Warlord character is not included in the draft list.

The Warlord:
After every game the Warlord gets to roll on a modified Chaos Boon Table! (We just removed a few entries we deemed too OP, no spawnhood/DemonPrince)
Draft Boon Table has 20 Entries so d20 does it. (I'll post it here if anyone is interested)

Any other ideas on how to equalize/sink the points?
Should Dedicated Transports be allowed?
Should Vehicle Squadrons be allowed?
What kind of Missions should be played? (Especially in the low point & low mobility games at the beginning)


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