Author Topic: My turn for a list review, 1650 Necrons  (Read 578 times)

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My turn for a list review, 1650 Necrons
« on: October 19, 2016, 09:59:30 PM »
So this weekend we are having our monthly local tournament.

It seems to have drawn the attention of larger group of more competitive minded people than normal.

And based on some facebook chatter, it seems that the majority of the players will be some kind of Space Marine/Wolves/Blood Angel MSU spam mix, with lots of grav/power fists/Terminators that can charge out of deep strike etc. The other players are Ork Boys in Trukk spam (topped the last few events), a Tyranid player, another Necron player (she is newer to the game though) and a few others that I have no idea what they are running.

Made a few lists that were more casual before knowing who would be there (i.e. Necron mixed with KDK or Renegade knights or just pure Harlequin), so am forced to try and go full on Necron Cheeze.

Current list draft:
1649pts Decurion Detachment

Reclamation Legion
Overlord [Phase Shifter, The Veil of Darkness, Warscythe]
7x Lychguard [Hyperphase Sword & Dispersion Shield]
8x Immortal [Gauss Blaster]
4x Tomb Blade [Nebuloscope, Shield Vanes, Twin-linked Gauss Blaster]
11x Necron Warrior
11x Necron Warrior

Destroyer Cult
Destroyer Lord [Phase Shifter, Voidreaper]
3x Destroyer
3x Destroyer
3x Destroyer
3x Heavy Destroyer

8x Flayed Ones

Pretty straight forward, lack of Obj Sec might hurt grabbing "secure objective x" maelstrom cards but I need to survive against long range weapons better. The flayed ones are used as a body wall to keep things from getting to me too quickly (ork trukks, scouting Land Speeder Storms etc.)
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