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8th edition wish list.
« on: January 04, 2017, 01:08:55 AM »
These are just my opinions and wishes. Thus they should be taken with a grain of salt and a glass of whiskey.

I have been playing my scions in a game every week for about a year now. I can honestly say that every game is a up hill battle. Don't get me wrong I love the challenge, but our codex needs some love. I have played space marines, imperial guard, and tau but i love my scions and made them my dedicated force. I would appreciate if other players especially outside of my codex would tell me if I'm being dumb or making sense. 

The following is a wish list for what I would like to see changed/added:

Regular Scion: 10 points: +1 weapon skill, +1 Initiative, Leadership 8.
Tempestor: 15 points, +1 weapon skill, +1 initiative, Leadership 8 stubborn. can take melta bombs.
Tempestor Prime:   25 points, Leadership 9 stubborn, can take melta bombs, 3 wounds, refactor field.
Taurox Prime: 65 points, taurox battle cannon: S7 AP4 Large Blast, Taurox Missile Launcher gains Heavy 2 Flak Missiles.
Let us take the Vendetta as fast attack.
All units gain Night Vision.
The Tempestor prime still issues 1 order but all units within the Clarion Vox Network may use the order. Vox castors work for rerolls.
Give the Tempestor Prime a ignores cover order. Example: All Hot Shot Lasguns can only fire once but they ignore cover.
Give us Access to shotguns: S4 AP4 assault 2.
Give Scions Access To Scion squads for Scion daggers: 30 points Strength user AP3

Elite Choice: Scion Sniper Squads: 4 Scions 1 Tempestor: 2 scions may take scion sniper rifles : S6, AP2, Heavy 1, Precision Shot, Range 36. Infiltrate. Access to Camo Gear. The Tempestor may take Targeting Gear: If Leadership test is Passed unit may reduce cover by 1 or precision shot on 5+.

Heavy Choice: Drop Sentinel: Armor 11 10 10. BS 4, Deep Strike. May take Multi Meltas, TL Auto Cannons, TL Heavy Flamers, TL Hot-Shot Volley guns.

What do you think? I know I ate way to many lead paint chips as a child so I am consulting You.

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Re: 8th edition wish list.
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2017, 06:21:52 AM »
As a not so avid Tempestus player as it stands right now I do 100% agree we need some love and the things you listed off were exactly what we needed. Like flakk missiles for example and I do also agree we need a new order and a change or two to our stat  line.