Author Topic: Daemons AV14 Anti Tank Options (Land Raiders + Tesseracts)  (Read 525 times)

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Daemons AV14 Anti Tank Options (Land Raiders + Tesseracts)
« on: January 20, 2017, 08:23:38 AM »
Hey Guys,

So we have a few flexible options for removing AV14 Armour from the field but in 2,000 point games with multiple LR's and/or Apocalypse stuff

So what have we got that can take off multiple AV14 hull points per turn?

DP's & Greater Demons with Smash & Armourbane & Psyker buffs
Strength D Beam from the Change Discipline
PB Touch of Rust glances (3+ to hit, 6's to Glance)
Screamer's Lamprey's Bite (9+ on 2D6 to Glance)
Exalted Flamers shooting (D3 Hits, 3+ to Hit, 5 to Glance (4 Warpflame Host))

Anything involving psykers is hard to calculate/unreliable because of the random nature of generating the powers, this also holds true for our Daemonic Rewards.

So have I missed out on any of our options? Currently I think that everything we got is a bit unreliable for removing AV14 (and to a lesser extent 13) from the field and if my opponant throws down 3 LR or glides a tesseract into the middle of the field I feel like I might be in trouble.

Or... is the better option to ignore the AV14 thing and destroy the rest of the army around it while securing objectives?

Whats some good combos for AV13/14 vehicle hunting?
Be'Lakor & Invis D-Thirster,
Infernal Tetrad?

Looking forward to your thoughts friends