Author Topic: EU alternatives to US brands/sellers?  (Read 483 times)

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EU alternatives to US brands/sellers?
« on: January 27, 2017, 04:24:28 AM »
Hi all,

This more for the EU based folks. I've been watching various/numerous videos (tutorials) on youtube, mostly using Vallejo and/or Apple Barrel paints. I especially like the latter, but getting them here is a PITA...

From the US (I checked Amazon) the prices are good, like 1USD per bottle. Getting a 46USD shipment overhere - which is then around 1kg - would cost 91USD!!! Yikes!
In the Netherlands they're either not in stock, sold separately instead of sets, or SEVERELY over-priced (as in 6-7 USD per bottle)... sells the set from the US version (18USD) for a whopping 99EUR!!! WTF...

So... The actual question: What kind of model-paints - besides GW - do you like to use, and where do I get them?


P.S. I don't mind trading some Revell Contacta Professional which I understand is hard to get in the US? Or used to anyway :P