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Gaming group Campaign- made by me - steal it game play add on


1.   Choosing your army:
   Starting with 750pts
   Only Combined arms detachment
   No unique characters, relics, allies, and formations
2.   Playing matches:
   Standard maelstrom missions
   Record the number of victory points, and how many objective markers are owned at the end of the match
   When a unit is completely destroyed on the table roll d6 on 1-2 the unit is removed from your list (allows you to then change the unit for something else but must still play with a CAD)
3.   Progressing your army and gaining points:
   After battle each victory point is worth 5 additional points towards the total point value of your army
   When facing an enemy with an army value worth 100 pts more than your own every VP will be worth 8pts
   When facing an enemy with an army value worth 200 pts more than your own each VP will be worth 10pts
   VP includes linebreaker, slay the warlord, and first blood
   When a warlord slays another warlord in a challenge that is a  -5pts for the losing army
4.   Game Token:
   After each game total up the amount of objective markers you own.  Roll as many d6 as objective markers you own.  If the total of the dice is above you have earned a token
   Roll d3 to find out which type of token you have earned
1-   Unique character
2-   Relic
3-   +detachment/formation
   Trade in any 3  tokens to unlock the ability to bring a lord of war
   Trade in any 3 tokens for an additional 50pts towards your army total


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