Author Topic: 1500pts of Nurgle Chaos Daemons  (Read 367 times)

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1500pts of Nurgle Chaos Daemons
« on: March 21, 2017, 12:44:01 PM »
Here's a list I've been putting together from a few new models I've wanted to try out but haven't actually got the chance to play yet.


Great Unclean one
     X2 Greater Rewards
     X1 Lesser Reward
     Psyker Mastery Lvl 3

X2 Heralds of Nurgle
     Greater Locus of Fecundity
     X1 Lesser Rewards each

X2 more Heralds of Nurgle
     Psyker Mastery lvl 2


X16 Plague Bearers
     Plagueridden with X1 Lesser Reward
     Plague Banner

X16 Plague Bearers
     Plagueridden with X1 Lesser Reward
     Plague Banner

X3 Nurgling Swarms

X3 Nurgling Swarms

Fast Attack

X3 Plague Drones
     Death's Heads
     Rot Proboscis

Heavy Support

Daemon Prince of Nurgle     
     Psyker Mastery Lvl 2
     X2 Greater Rewards

The idea is to capture objectives late game with the Nurglings and try to be as hard to kill as possible using the Heralds to buff the Plague bearers until I can get into close combat. The GUO and DP will support the rest of the army where its needed and the Plague Drones can pick off as many weaker units as they can before they get taken down. That's just my idea welcome to hear any other ideas or potential problems this list might run into.