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Author Topic: 1850 - World Eaters - Rate my list  (Read 558 times)

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1850 - World Eaters - Rate my list
« on: March 26, 2017, 02:00:38 AM »
Winding down my Daemonkin armies so far I've won every game i've played with them. Albeit in a couple games I had to get crafty and play entirely to the mission rather than my usual 'slaughter them' approach. As an aggressive in your face chop chop style is my favorite I decided to try and build a World Eaters Butcherhorde army list that I'd enjoy playing. Before letting it hit the field I figured i'd get some comments on it and see what the general consensus is on the playability of it.

The plan behind the list is as follows:
I forgo my usual bike lord with claw/fist warlord for a jump pack lightning claw lord. Why? Because i wanted twin lightning claws all over the place and this is my only lord model with them. You'll notice all characters are equipped for challenges, i want to claim as many blessings from the dark gods as possible with this list, lightning claws seem to be the best opition to maximize the damage output in the challenge to give the best chance of winning. I want to run them down and challenge every character. I can do a lot of damage to 3+ saves but 2+ saves are a problem and that's why i have the knight for back up against units that the claws can't tear through. Also as a big distraction if the opponent focuses on killing the knight that means my units will be able to get in assault with little damage.

Comment on the following points
- Would you win on pure brute strength? rulebook mission objectives? both?
- Would you need to list tailor to win or can your standard list take it down?
- What would you find most challenging to deal with in this list, what are you most concerned about?
- How would you rate yourself as a 40k player on a scale of 1-10 (1 being a Novice brand new to the game, 10 international/global tournament winner (top 8))

1850 Pts - Codex: Chaos Space Marines Roster - World Eaters

: World Eaters Butcherhorde (41#, 1521 pts)
   1 World Eaters Butcherhorde, 1521 pts
      1 Chaos Warband
         1 Chaos Lord (Lightning Claw x2; Melta Bombs; Jump Pack; Sigil of Corruption; GoM)
            1 Talisman of Burning Blood

         4 Chaos Terminators (Lightning Claws (pair) x4)
            1 Terminator Champion (GoM; Combi-Bolter; Power Axe)

         19 Chaos Space Marines (Close Combat Weapon x19)
            1 Aspiring Champion (GoM; Lightning Claw x2)

         4 Chaos Space Marines (Close Combat Weapon x4)
            1 Aspiring Champion (GoM; Lightning Claw x2)

         2 Chaos Bikers (Meltagun x2)
            1 Biker Champion (GoM; Lightning Claw x1; Power Fist x1)

         4 Havocs (Meltagun x4)
            1 Aspiring Champion (GoM; Lightning Claw x2)

      1 Heldrake Terror Pack
         1 Heldrake (Baleflamer)
         1 Heldrake (Baleflamer)

: Forsworn Knight Detachment (1#, 325 pts)
   1 Forsworn Knight Detachment [RKn], 325 pts
      1 Renegade Knight [RKn]

Total Roster Cost: 1846

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Re: 1850 - World Eaters - Rate my list
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2017, 03:02:15 AM »
I finally got a chance to play this list on Thrusday. Brought my orks, world eaters and grey knights out to play a game of each. Much fun was had, I went home 2-1 with only the Grey Knights taking a major L (nearly tabled) after Guilliman ---ed out from a fight with Kaldor Draigo.

I honestly expected to perform fairly poorly with this World Eaters list but Khorne said NOT TODAY! To start off I got first turn. The mission was a simple Emperors Will so my goal was to CHAAAAARGE!!! Blood for the Blood GOD!!!

And so I did, I got some decent rolls from being Blood Mad. Then some decent moves forward but the opponent had out deployed me (I deployed first) so I was making up some distance to the other side of the table.

No first turn charges for Khorne sadly....it was dismaying but I tried to make the best of it.

The enemy army was a Iron Hands detachment using Pinion Company for some really nasty ignores cover on devastators, coupled with an Imperial Knight and a librarius conclave that rolled crappy powers in an attempt to get veil of time. Our knights squared off against eachother on turn 1 about 15" away from eachother my opponent using his as a deterrent against mine charging in. The terminators got grav crushed easily with ignores cover it was no contest (i had them in ruins with night fighting) opponent got first blood.

The iron hands captain charged in against my large unit of chaos space marines. I suppose he thought he'd break them in assault...big big mistake! COUNTER-ATTACK FOR THE BLOOD GOD! That was fun after suffering just one wound my bolt pistol + ccw csm came in with bucket loads of attacks. Skulls for the Skull Throne saw my chaos champion taking one for the team so that the chaos lord could go to town on the command squad bikers. I won combat, they fled the battle after only killing the champion and another model.

Turn 2 the world eaters were primed and ready to launch massive assaults everywhere and i do mean everywhere! Everything within reach got assaulted, I foolishly broke off the chaos lord in an attempt to take care of the pesky devastators whom got a bunch of 6s overwatch and killed him before he chopped them up.

The knights went face to face after i charged in and what a battle it was! Thansk to the stupid preferred enemy rule in the detachment my opponent got to re-roll his attacks and it was an instant DOUBLE K.O of titanic proportions. Both knights blew up but took nothing down with them except their shame.

CHAMPIONS OF CHAOS! This rule combined with FAVORED SCIONS created a total monster out of my last surviving Biker Champion with claw/power fist. I never even bothered using the power fist, with an initiative boost I was running around chopping up every character around. He killed off 3 characters through out the game getting the following boons
+1 Initiative
Shrouded (2+ jink save woot!)
+ 1 attack
Instant Death melee attacks (no fnp rolls iron hands)

He basically wrecked everything he engaged. Some of my other champions also got some nice boons after winning challenges and wrecking a lot of marines.

Lightning Claws really put in work everywhere they went except for captain smashface nobody was safe.

Hatred really runs deep this rule combined with the bucket loads of attacks every marine put out (4 each on the charge) was absolutely debasting to every unit they engaged. Vehicles also got crushed easily with Furious Charge kicking in.

Fearless was uber useful keeping me going and going despite any losses specially with the command squad and captain smashface whom got held up by the large blob of CSM until they killed them all on their own.

Ultimately the game was really bloody, lots of cool fights, lots and lots of boons Favored Scions is one of my favorite new rules it goes a looooooooong way to mitigate a table that I dreaded rolling on before.

But mostly I'm just real happy that I got to run CSM with the titular model hitting the field and taking names or rather skulls...for the...skull throne.