Author Topic: Shadow War: Armageddon- My first impressions.  (Read 438 times)

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Shadow War: Armageddon- My first impressions.
« on: April 07, 2017, 01:57:53 AM »
So, when I heard about this game being the 'New Necromunda', I was pretty stoked.  Of course, my experience with Necromunda was seeing the models in the 2000's and snickering at how butt-ugly they were.  Someone told me about the game, it sounded fun and interesting- but by the time I put down my Fantasy Models and got into the 40k Universe, Necromunda was as deader than Cadia.

So I got to try this game out with a store employee that's had his head shoved into the retailer kit since it landed on the countertop.  If you would like to hear my first impressions, here we go:

1- It's pretty much a facelift of Necromunda with a few differences.  Our old greybeard pot-belly gamer was doing some brief rules comparisons with his Necromunda book that looks like it's actually been in a Hive Ganger war.  His first words after reading for a while and comparing rules?  "They can stop whining because I don't see any way the gangs can't work in this."  Will follow up with a playtest, he's supposed to be bringing them in tomorrow.

2- You want that terrain.  That good, good terrain.  We found it is best to try and keep no more than a 8" wide intersection of 'alleys' up the way, and litter it with 'junk' like broken-down vehicles, etc.  The existing buildings for 40k games work pretty well for this, and the windows are a godsend.  It makes the battles MUCH more intense.

3- Getting hit sucks.  Keep dudes in cover as much as you can.  If one of your dudes gets schwacked, and gets laid in the dirt- he's out until recovery phase (end of YOUR turn).  That dude can get recovered in other ways, but it kinda sucks if one gun isn't firing in the fight.  I found it's actually kind of useful to make my cultists draw fire, and when the enemy pops around the corner, to lay into them on the next turn.  Just calculate your shots.

4- Running complex strategies with your team is absolutely hilarious when it works out.  Nothing is funnier than setting up an overwatch trap, outflanking your enemy, or simply corralling them into a crossfire. 

5-  Overall?  FUN FUN FUN FUN!