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500 points night lords.
« on: April 07, 2017, 09:13:46 AM »
So I am thinking of starting a night lords army as a summer project, but was thinking of getting a head start with this 500 points of them to see if I like the feel of the army. Plus, at the moment none of my armies can really contend in a 500 point game (grey knights and thousand sons, both a bit too pricey).

This is a night lords combined arms detachment.

Sorcerer, ml 1, force sword and bolt pistol, warlord.
This guy will mostly run telepathy for psychic shriek and whatever else he gets, hoping for shrouding. Really he is in there to make the hq slot cheap as well as unlocking that psychic support. He uses shriek to either tune down larger squads of say cultists, or mayhaps knock off a few wounds from a monster out creature.

Five Possessed in a rhino. These are just going to in the rhino, flat out to behind some cover then hopefully charge turn two/three. I'm hoping to leverage their s 5 and mutations to take out both meq and lighter infantry.

2x five man squads of Marines, one plasma gun in each squad. Generic troops, scoring units, nothing special. Plasma to help against bigger bad guys/light vehicles or occasional dread nought.

5 man raptor squad. Since these are troops with nigh lords, they have objective secured. Plan is to use these to quickly grab objectives, or, to intercept incoming units trying to charge say my base marines or Sorcerer, essentially they are bodyguards in that case.