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1850 - Eldar - Rate my list
« on: April 08, 2017, 03:27:14 AM »
I'm not looking to make changes to the list. Period. That being said your opinion/thoughts on the list are needed as follows.

- Which army of the imperium do you play? or would play vs this list.
- Would you defeat this list on pure brute strength? mission objectives? both?
- Can you win with your most standard list against this? Would you need to tweak your list in order to counter mine?
- What would you find most challenging to deal with in this list, what are you most concerned about?
- Which Imperium list build or units would be of major concern against this list? (i.e. War Convocation, Grav Centurions, etc)
- If you had to list the "Cons" in my list what would they be? (i.e. No Anti-Air, No Anti-Armor, Lack of Mobility, etc etc)

1850 Pts - Codex: Eldar Craftworlds Roster - Eldar - BattleForged

Formation: Wraith Host (21#, 1455 pts)
   1 Wraith Host, 1455 pts
      1 Spiritseer
      5 Wraithguard (D-Scythe)
         1 Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Lasers; Shuriken Cannon)

      5 Wraithguard
         1 Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Lasers; Shuriken Cannon)

      5 Wraithguard
         1 Wave Serpent (TL Scatter Lasers; Shuriken Cannon)

      1 Wraithlord (Ghostglaive; Scatter Laser x2)

      1 Wraithknight (Ghostglaive; Scattershield; Scatter Laser x2)

   1 Lord of the Undying Host (IA), 395 pts
      1 Eldar Wraithseer (IA) (D-cannon)
      5 Wraithblades (Ghostaxe; Forceshield)

Total Roster Cost: 1850


Wraithblades get joined by Wraithseer and Spiritseer for a little wraith deathstar action. With the wraithseer's deliverance keeping FNP on them at all times and the spiritseer hopefully getting some good defensive powers things look well. The unit gets re-rolls to hit and other buffs that make it a viable assault unit.

The rest of the army takes care of business from a distance with scatter lasers everywhere and ultimately getting close to slap everyone with the mighty D that's rampant throughout the list.
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