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8th ed I think we back
« on: May 07, 2017, 07:02:22 PM »
Some of the rules we are getting shared seem like some massive buffs to chaos. Now I know whenever a new edition drops people look at the rules through the current scope of the game and say things are buffs but we dont really know. Thats not what im saying.

Check out some of the vehicle changes maily the one about no more penetration tables. That probably means no more imobalised maulerfiends.

Vehichles having no more hull points is great too I might actually take an obsec land raider (if obec for troops is still a thing) now as black legion with 2 yes 2 wound terminators.

Lascannons inflicting D6 wounds WOW. I might take some version of allied iron warriors just for some tank hunting havocs and troop choice oblits if tank hunting stays the same.

I heard (did not read) on the you tubes that every vehicle may be becoming assult again. If so Id love that prehaps sometimes I might play world eater and iron warriors together for a change from my black legion army.

Forgefiends will also be alot better with the hull points to wound change and the damage of high strength weapons causing more wounds more damage and more suvivability seems pretty impressive.

Anyway I hope it ends up well for us there are alot of variables but these changes give me hope.