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Re: Spacemarinedude92's Painting log/showcase (pic heavy)
« Reply #15 on: November 28, 2014, 05:19:47 AM »
Been a while since  I did a update but here we go anyways. The biggest thing is that I've recently gotten the Achaon on Foot model and so I plan on putting about a weeks worth in painting it to a pretty high standard atleast what I reach to be considered high to me and finished up three meotic spores which I think came out alright. So for this I'll try to do daily updates on the work I did on Archaon and other  things to expect is the games day veteran, games day company commander (which needs alot of work due to the cast to be terribly cracked), a couple of iron warriors contemptors, and a death korps of krieg quartermaster. Also since then I've gotten a Galaxy S4 so I can take better pictures so what need to know is that would you like me to retake the pictures of my deathwing army and replace the current pictures that I have right now. Any feed back is greatly appreciated so until next time enjoy the pics.