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Open area to display our work, wip.


Make it orky...

Another 100 boyz or so and some looted vehicles are needed.


Can I say that about an ork army?

A proper waghh is probably better.

I know we can paint our armies any way, and that is the cool thing about 40K, but I feel like some armies- orks and eldar look better with lots of red.

Love the cans.


Have not thought of a name.

I imagine the narrative like this.

Unknown origin....thought to have lost homeworld to Xenos.
Says little to nothing on the comms.
Fiercely loyal to the mechanicum and the empire of man.
Disliked by the Astartes for being reckless and showing up uninvited.
Loved by the guardsmen for the same reasons.

Uninterested in politics or the dark gods.
Revels in throwing himself onto xenos invaders.

Stomp, stomp, shoot, squish.....

The number 3 dread is one of the first things I painted.
Redone to be inline with the other 2.
I do a loose interpretation of the second company.

Same models with better photography


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