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Competitive 30K army

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strawberry fist:
Hello there,

I'm looking to make a 30k around the rite of war 'The Reaping' for my Death Guard. I have both the betrayal at Calth and Prospero sets and am wondering what to include to make the army competitive.

Im looking for the army to be around 2000 points.


strawberry fist:
Had a quick go at making a list just need some help on deciding how competitive it is before I go and expand my collection.

Legion Preator- TDA, Volkite and paragon blade
Master of signals- refracted shield
Tactical X10 and Rhino
Tactical X10 and Rhino
Heavy Support Squad X 5man- Missile
Heavy Support Squad X 5man- Missile
Contemptor Mortis- Kheres Assault Cannons
Legion Quad Motar- Shatter shell
Terminator Squad- Flamer and 5 power fists (Or Grave Warden as standard load out)
Legion Sicaran- Lascannon sponsons
 Lord Of War

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Do the Tactical Sergeants have Artificer armor, or are they bare bones? Is your Praetor going to have a some sort of Invuln? (not sure what TDA is). Who is your Master of Signals attached to? Are you content on walking those Terminators up the battlefield?

Need to know how you're planing to play this army, a bit.  Cause...it's really small on unit numbers.  Mortarion is taking up a little over a fifth of your army in points. The two units of Heavy Support Squads costs you 320 pts (for both those squads), if you make it just one squad as a 10 man, you only spend 285pts.

As far as I'm seeing...you're only benefit for "The Reaping" that you're using is that your army gets Move Through Cover, and the Heavy Support Squads count as non-compulsory troops choice. 

Definitely switch out the regular Terminators for the Grave Wardens.  Same exact pt cost, but they get the ability to overwatch, their gun is overall better than a standard combi-bolter.

strawberry fist:
I didn't have any points to give them artificer armour or tad grenades.

Preator is in cataphractti armour (tda)

I thought I'd have the two heavy support squads as two sepeeate targets and as they're separate can target 2 different tanks.

Master of signals was going to attach to one of the missile launcher squads.

Had forgotten they can't deep strike, would be nice to put mortarion preator no term in a transport of some sort

If there's a better rite of war let me know
I was thinking mainly having it as a gun line with terminators advancing with rhino support

Alright, well...Death Guard are not a gun line army.  Their fluff doesn't lend itself to it, the Reaping doesn't, and their own legion specific rules don't either.  They are meant to be an infantry heavy, slow advance up the table army.  Gun lines are best used with Iron Warriors, Imperial Fists, and possibly Iron Hands.

The guys at Forge World worked really hard for the armies rules to fit their fluff, going against that really hampers your ability to play the legion effectively.  That being said, I would honestly not worry about a Rite of War.  If you really want to...I would do a lot of things differently.  First I would drop Mortarion.  As cool as he is, at 2,000 pts he's sucking up a full 1/5th of your points.  He's not going to help you be competitive at all.  He's a big dude and a lot shots will be put into him, or he's going to be ignored.  He can't pop a Land Raider, and he sure as hell can't pop a Spartan (which you will face up against).  No only that, but doing the numbers...anyone could tie him down pretty well with a Leviathan and just leave him spinning in the mud.  He's only Str 7 with Silence, and that effectively leaves anything with Armor 14...completely out of his ability to deal with.  Also means he can ONLY glance a Leviathan to death, where as they will be wounding Mortarion on a 2 (hitting him on like a 5, so you're pretty golden there).

If you drop Mortarion, you can easily pick up a Spartan Assault Tank, and give it Flare Shields and have points left over.  If you move those Missile troopers into one unit you pick up a few more points.  Enough to get another Quad Mortar unit with Shatter Shells.  If you switch out the Master of Signals for a Siege Breaker with the same kit (Refractor Field) he costs the same amount of points.  He also confers Wrecker and Tank Hunter, slap him in with the 10 man Squad of Missile Launchers and they get Wrecker and Tank Hunter.  You have 40 points left over.  To keep up with the theme of Death Guard being Bio-Chem jerks...you can spend 20pts per each of your Quad Mortars to give them Phosphex.  EVEN BETTER, with this set up you have Unlocked the ability to take the Creeping Death Rite of War, found on page 105 of the Army of Darkness book.

This will give your guys a 5+ cover save when they are out in the open, if there are no enemies within 12" of them.  It also gives you the ability at the start of the game, after all units have deployed, to turn any piece of wood or jungle terrain into a cluster ---.  You make the cover saves 1 worse and they become Dangerous Terrain for anyone who doesn't have the Legiones Astartes (Death Guard) rule. PLUS....all Frag grenades and Missiles become Str 5.


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