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Title: Turn 1 Assaults
Post by: Ironclad13 on January 11, 2017, 04:39:31 AM
So, being a 40k'er of the old school, I remember in one edition (possibly 5th) where the player who took first turn could not assault on their first turn.

Is that still the case in 7th edition?  Because I'm seeing references to World Eaters 1st turn charges and and other people doing funky things with scouting land raiders.  I'm aware that things like arriving from reserve, outflanking, infiltrators or deep strike prevent you from making a turn one charge.  However, I can't find anything preventing a conventional charge.

So hypothetically, if you had a unit that you'd deployed normally and somehow were able to get it withing charge range on your first turn without any weird moves (scout, etc) that actively prohibit charging, can you just run in and beat face?

Much obliged for any assistance.
Title: Re: Turn 1 Assaults
Post by: Sensenbob on January 11, 2017, 05:21:06 AM
in short: Yes, you can!

First turn charges still are quite rare and mostly bound to unique formations or Psychic powers, some examples that come to my mind are:
Fulmination/Electromortis power #6 Electrodisplacement allows swapping place with another unit while not prohibiting the charge
Geokinesis/Geomortis power #6 Shifting Worldscape can use terrainpiece as a surfboard to move oneself or the enemy in charge range without prohibiting a charge

SpaceMarines Skyhammer annihilation force gets to decide to deep strike turn one and allows the assault marines to charge, even granting rerolls
Space Wolves Wulfen can buff other units like Thunderwolf Cavalry to get an additional move ... depends on a dice roll though
Blood Angels Lost Brotherhood gives everyone a 6'' reposition in deployment without preventing charges, so it's possible
Genestealer Cults can deploy right next to an enemy unit and charge if they roll lucky on Cult Ambush table

probably some of the new chaos marines can do it too but i don't know for sure
Title: Re: Turn 1 Assaults
Post by: Ironclad13 on January 11, 2017, 05:27:58 AM
Thanks very much. :)

I'm traditionally an Iron Warriors player with Tzeentchien leanings but the new Traitor Legions book is so good I've been eyeing up the World Eaters decurion which gives units a free 2D6" move after deployment.  I was planning on running a warband rather than the zerker formation since the extra move would allow me to get up nice and close very quickly without having to bother with Rhinos and allow me to at least put down some rapid fire on turn one.  But one of my regular opponents tends to be quite hyper-aggressive so there was a distinct possibility that I might be able to pull of a turn 1 charge, rules permitting, if he was over-zealous with his deployment.

Nice to know I can pull that ace out of my sleeve.  ;)