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I do believe that the primaris is the NEW marine scale.

Even GW knows if they invalidated all old marines the player base would fold. BUT if they only produce and release primaris moving ahead it does the same thing.

New plague marines ARE bigger in scale. Next to my Death Guard army right now they REALLY look off in scale.

Just doesn't look correct.

So play my DG as is with no new models, or start a new DG army from scratch with the new models.

Do we think GW is phasing out all models to this new scale?

Would be a great way to get everybody to buy new models.

Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / 8th Edition Chaos Vindicator
« on: August 07, 2017, 09:23:08 AM »
Ok, admittedly its taken me a few to get used to vehicles having "wounds" now vs. armor values, and not having to worry or deal with facings anymore makes them more dynamic from when and where they can shoot.

But I'm good on that now...

I've noticed that as usual GW has bumped up the rules on certain units to make them auto-includes, as they do in any new edition to the game.

Then we have the models where the stats were tweaked to bring them more inline with the fluff- like terminators. How this holds over time, we will just have to see.

Finally, models, that have NEW rules due to the old rules being dropped- like the vindicator.

No more AV.

No more templates on a vehicle that was known for singing that single pie plate around.

In my 'zerker list (HAIL KHORNE!) I always played a vindicator. It was the first wave going in with my juggy lord, terminators, and land raider to punch a hole in my opponent and keep them busy while the waves of 'zerkers put them to the bolt pistol and chain axe.

With the vindi, sometime it worked, other times it didn't.

It wasn't so much getting immobilized out of range, or blown up in one shot- although both sucked. But rather how guys spread their dudes out, when combined with the scatter meant I wasn't hitting much.

NOW, even with the random boom boom profile of the gun, I'm getting more hits, its devastating against T5 or less, and is putting the hurt on vehicles or multi wound MCs.

AND I'm at less risk of getting blown up in a single shot.

The rules translation to 8th really helped the vindicator, ironically by becoming MORE random it became LESS random.   


I'd also poke around YouTube for any vids that have freehand stuff- easy to apply to banners and spaces with small details.

Emperor protects!

Discussion: Conversions / Re: Word Bearery Stuff
« on: August 02, 2017, 01:08:51 PM »
Bitz are an easy way to go.

Chaos icons from some of the sprues.

An open book bitz from some of the space marine librarian models- paint chaos symbols on it etc.

Good bitz for Chaos come from the old now defunct Warhammer Fantasy line- lots of plastic Empire models with odd bitz that easily look chaosy.

Discussion: Dark Angels / Re: Chapter Tactics
« on: July 20, 2017, 06:40:33 AM »
I'd like to see something Deathwing Assault like- something to make their terminators act differently, and honor such an important place they have in the lore. 

Discussion: Space Marines / 8th Edition Chapter Tactics: Good vs. Bad
« on: July 20, 2017, 06:39:26 AM »
So we now have a taste of Space Marine Chapter Tactics for 8th edition.


While I wished for something like 'zeal for Black Templars the re-roll charge is actually VERY nice- combined with fast assault marines it is almost a 100% charge. Same with deepstrike units. The re-roll give the redundancy army wide to really start building an all assault army.

While Imperial Fists are also VERY strong with the ignore cover, I feel like Iron Hands came out the best.

A 1 in 6 chance to shrug off a wound AFTER an armor save is big.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: The mother load! Eldar index on 3++
« on: May 31, 2017, 05:55:58 AM »
Very interesting, still taking it all in...

General Discussion / Re: A Missed Opportunity
« on: May 16, 2017, 12:14:18 PM »
I do love me some 40K, and I usually turn a blind eye to GW's usual antics- they are out to make money off us players. I'm down with that and capitalism...

...but this does seem like a potential screw over to the fan base. Only time will tell for real.

They would LOVE for all marine players to buy a new army, but if they voided the entire old range of armies at the launch of 8th I think that would be the final thing that pisses players off.

BUT if all new marine and chaos releases are true sized then over time if you play marines or chaos you are going to get tired of having miss matched marines and buying new stuff.

GW is NOT introducing new marine models, they are changing the miniature scale of the game.

Not sure how I feel about this as a part time marine player and full time chaos player.

Xenos seem safe...

...for now.

General Discussion / 40K 8th Edition Holding Pattern
« on: May 09, 2017, 09:49:49 AM »
So 8th is around the corner, literally like what, a month away?

Personally I'm in kind of a holding pattern with 40K right now.

Finishing up the last of my 100 'zerker models, not buying any new kits until we see what happens for the 8th release, plan to pick up the new starter set or at least pre-order it.

Working on my 40K terrain.

Playing games of Shadow War.

Regular 40K games have kind of been on hold. 7th was fun, but I think we are all ready for 8th.

What are you working on or playing 40K right now till the new edition drops?

General Discussion / Re: 8th Ed. Are you ready?
« on: April 22, 2017, 03:08:49 PM »
So as mentioned the FAQ is up, which gives us a few more ideas but no real clarifications.

I'm not surprised that all codes will be null and void- how were they GW going to make those work with a new rule set, but I also feel it's a jerk move. Especially if you just bought stuff. Make all the rules and model related data for FREE would help.

I'm also interested in these 3 ways to play- sounds AOS like to me.

Still not much of an FAQ.

I really wanted a hint on the new starter set.

General Discussion / Re: Custom Dice Recommendations
« on: April 04, 2017, 04:20:47 PM »
I find that even with custom dice it helps to have two sets of colors. Maybe a full set of one color and a half set of another to help speed up with rolling.

With my Eldar I have red and black dice- when I roll for my vypers I use black dice for the shuriken cannons and red dice for the star cannons- helps to speed up the rolling.

One set of colors for regular attacks, the other for power weapons? Once for storm bolters, and the other for assault cannons- makes different weapons in the same unit a bit quicker to handle.

Discussion: 40K Rumors / Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Starter Set
« on: February 22, 2017, 02:00:43 PM »
With 8th edition around the corner (soon), I'm wondering what the next 40K starter set will be.

I rather enjoy them as both a quick way to play 40K in a pre-packaged setup- kind of like a board game, without the board, and as a way to see the evolution of the hobby over time.

What do you guys think the next starter set will include?

What would you like it to include?

Safe bet it will be Space Marines on one side- as it should be, but what about the "bad guy" side?

I'm also interested to see what the next jump will be in terms of quality of models and where GW currently is with their mold tech- look at the awesome fits in AOS.

Will we see multiple starter sets?

Discussion: Space Marines / Re: Share your favorite Space marine list!
« on: February 22, 2017, 10:25:34 AM »
Space Marine Captain/Champion
3 HB Razorbacks w/ Combat Squads
1 Dread
5 TH/SS Terminators
5 LC Terminators
Land Raider
10-20 Assault Marines

love the list, but more and more I'm REALLY leaning towards getting a pod for the dread.

Discussion: Fortifications / Re: A lack of fortifications on the table
« on: February 21, 2017, 10:44:56 AM »
Locally I don't see them anymore. If I do, they are just counted as tabletop terrain- part of the table.

With my Grey Knights a defense line used to be an auto-include, not any more.

I think partially b/c the novelty has worn off, partly b/c the advantage you might have gotten by the state of the game when GW introduced them was something new, but has now settled down or points better spent. Partially also b/c many tournaments have rules on what you can bring with fortifications.

Never saw a fortress of redemption on the table...

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