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Drop the Rattle on the Trygon Prime for Adrenal Glands and some other tail.  The Rattle is horribly restrictive in the ability and won't help.  Adrenal Glands put that Trygon at needing an 8 on the dice to make his charge.  I like not running the Swarmlord as the Warlord.  Takes even more pressure away from her dying too early.  I think this will be able to hit a much wider range of armies.  A lot more ways to play based on your opponent's choices.

Tyranids need threat saturation but they have to be able to apply pressure to your whole opponent's army or they'll break.  They don't have that one unit that makes everything else work, they have to work together to get anything done.  Two Stealer Broods is a good start, but they have to apply pressure Turn 1 and Turn 2.  I like the Swarmlord and a Trygon for this.  Don't Deep Strike the Swarmlord.  She has to hang out with the rest of the army, do damage no sooner than Turn 3 and if you want her to live, she needs Guards.  But on the plus side, if you take a Trygon and Swarmlord, you can drop the Broodlords.  They can't keep up when you get clever on how to use Stealers.

Your Heavies can drop a Malanthrope and an Exocrine.  You don't need to go so hard on a Character model that hides behind the Exos anyway, and three Exos is just too many points.  Biovores are my personal bread and butter.  They limit your opponent's movement phase if you miss and deal Mortal Wounds.  They synergize great with a Malanthrope and Flyrants.

Flyrants are supposed to die now.  Make them cheap, make them sacrificial.  They're support units.  Most of their damage will be dealt with Smite and when you add Biovores into your army, that's a good amount of guaranteed Wounds being shoved onto something.  Talons are still helpful if you can spare the points but honestly, they don't want to do much more than fly overhead, provide Synapse to the bugs that need it and cast Smite.  Monstrous Rending Claws are free and keep the Flyrant below 200pts.  I still always run atleast one just for support purposes.

Nids have big access to Mortal Wounds and I like to focus on that when picking how to synergize my list.  Pushing Damage through has to be your top priority and lock down what you can't kill as a secondary option.  Honestly, I've also been considering a Tyrannofex as a big threat but I have yet to test that one in particular.  Swarmlord casting Catalyst on it though might be something that steals pressure away from your Exocrines, which would be a big deal.

Well it's not great.  Your most Damage is 2 from beasties that are only moderately survivable and you don't have the real threats to make your opponent shoot at other things.  You've served their target choice on a silver platter.  Heavy weapons into the Exocrines, everything else into the Genestealers.  There's no choosing what needs to be dealt with first, it's all the same units.

You have good table coverage with the Stealers, but Stealers can't lock down Fly or Super Heavies, and they do get bogged down with screen units if your opponent knows what's going on.  Deployment tricks are a must with atleast one of the units and you're just coming from the one direction.  Bubble wrap and proper fallbacks will limit the damage you can do.

This is just a spam army and as with all spam armies, there will be matchups where you slaughter because your opponent didn't bring enough tools for your strategy and matchups where you will literally get nothing done because your own toolbox is severely limited.  Things like AdMech, Knights, Conscripts and Mortarion Death Guard I expect will be hard for you to really deal with just to name a few.

General Discussion / Re: Why Death Guard For 8th Edition?
« on: September 17, 2017, 05:09:35 PM »
Because of the pretty poor writing GW has been doing lately, I expect Leman Russ to be the next one or the Khan.  The Lion would effectively seal off Cypher in the story, either prove that Cypher is the 'true' Dark Angel loyalist and the Deathwing and Inner Circle of the current Dark Angels are heretics or Cypher will be once and for all acknowledged as tainted and will properly be exiled.  Either way, I can't imagine they'll keep Cypher active in the plot and he's the biggest crutch that GW has for the fluff.  I expect they'll want to milk his ex machina factor for as long as possible and the Lion will have to wait because of it.

40K Rules Questions / Re: 8th ed questions
« on: September 14, 2017, 06:15:29 AM »
That's correct.  The best example of taking advantage of this is the defender hiding their important unit in the corner of a ruin, hidden to all shooters.  The attacker can get a charge off there without risk because the wall is solid and no LOS can be made, but Infantry can pass through Ruin walls without penalty.  Makes it easier to hunt aura characters.

40K Rules Questions / Re: 8th ed questions
« on: September 13, 2017, 04:49:40 PM »
I answered that in your own thread yesterday.

Hunter-Killer the Predator and Lascannon Razorback instead of the Flamers.  The Flamers want to be always moving, always pushing up harder.  You'll end up with the same problem of a single shot hitting on 4s while the Lascannon equipped stuff hates to move anyway.  It limits your choice of what to hit when it's most needed, but less chance of it being a waste of points.

With BT Tactics, I would take it to the table to see what feels light.  On paper, it looks solid.  I can always respect sticking to a fluffy Chapter Tactic instead of a gaming one.  My Astral Claws are White Scars for the same reason.

Discussion: THE LIST / Re: 2000 - Black Legion - Abaddon Nurgle/Khorne
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:16:40 PM »
Too many Melta on the Plagues.  Two maximum, three maximum Plasma.  Weird restriction but it is what it is.

Give the Sorcerer MoT.  The Stratagem to throw an extra power out will come in handy.  Smite, Warptime and Death Hex are all very powerful and you'll want access to all of them.  There's no real restriction on who can take what Marks and who they're buddy with, so make use of Undivided Strategems.

If you want a disruption unit, use a Daemon Prince with Malefic Talons and wings.  Drop the Khorne Lord.  Way more bang for a bit more buck, but you can cut a CSM squad, split the 40 into two 20 and still be kosher.

I'd consider MoS on the Terminators for the Stratagem again, but MoN does ressurect so that might be more helpful in the long run.  If you had Combimelta, I'd push for MoS, but Plasma is prolly better to heal up and come back to life.

Drop the Attack Bike.  It hits on 4s after moving with a single shot.  Statistics say that it's going to only land a hit three times per game.  That's horrible for its price.  Twin Multimelta on the Raven is a much better investment.

What Tactics are you using?  That makes a difference for any other tweaks I might suggest.  It looks like it's in a good place right now without Tactics, so Iron Hands and Fists would be fine, but Salamanders and Ultras, I'd make some pretty significant changes.

General Discussion / Re: Can a dread still have two c c weapons?
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:14:53 AM »
You can have an Ironclad which has two melee weapons, and there's a few other variants that can take them but Dreads got limited in the Codex release.  You can use what's in the box and they didn't include the other options that are available through Forge World or 3rd Party bitz.  The page for the list in the Codex is 131.  Frankly, you never want to take two Fists anyway since that's 40pts of no benefit.  There's no rule granting universal +1 Attack for multiple weapons anymore.  The Ironclad has that rule, normal dreads don't.

General Discussion / Re: Getting back into 40k
« on: September 01, 2017, 06:16:04 AM »
Certain models and homemade conversions are not in the new Codex though.  The Land Raider Excelsior, Tyrannic War Veterans and maybe a couple other very niche models no longer are supported in the Codex.  Characters that never had models like many characters on Bikes and most notably Khan on Moondrakken are no longer in the Codex either.  If you fall into these categories, you will still need the Index for Space Marines, Imperium 1.  A few of my old models and conversions are no longer supported but GW has ruled that out of date models can still be used with the Index.  Just consider it a complication if and only if you have home done conversions or White Scars.

General Discussion / Re: Counting primaris as terminators for transports
« on: August 30, 2017, 11:50:56 AM »
I wouldn't push to have it implemented for my Primaris, but I like my regular dudes in a Land Raider Godhammer and genuinely like the Repulsor way more than a Crusader in terms of firepower.  For now, my Primaris section is small enough and built to be simply basic footsloggers, screening what matters and hanging out on Objectives otherwise.  Gulliman is going to be their primary support, so I'm not in any rush to shove them in metal boxes that he can't join them in anyway.  it might be because I didn't spend much money on my Space Marines army compared to others or because I routinely start new armies on a whim, but I don't mind the money grab.  I'm used to buying new stuff for new playstyles.

Discussion: 40K Rumors / Re: Codex Releases?
« on: August 30, 2017, 02:14:07 AM »
AdMech is confirmed for after Death Guard so I'm sure it won't be long from now.  September is a good bet.

Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / Re: The Best 8th Edition HQ Choice?
« on: August 29, 2017, 12:43:05 PM »
Daemon Prince with wings and claws.  Add relic and/or powers of choice and there you go.  They have a ridiculous amount of bang for their buck and hide behind other units like any other Character ready and waiting to spring ahead and kill something.  CSM HQs are pretty dry otherwise though.  Even my Huron lost his teeth when his ability got downgraded to a basic hit aura.  The HQ slot is where I put models, not strategies now.

Discussion: Tyranids / Re: Hormagaunts or termagants or gargoyles?
« on: August 28, 2017, 06:30:16 PM »
Not powerful, but Termagants will see the most play no matter what kind of Nid player your friend is.  But yes, it is a choice between utility and coolness.

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