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Discussion: Khorne Daemonkin / 1500 8th first list
« on: June 30, 2017, 06:53:49 AM »
Trying to stick with classic KDK with the new edition:

++ Battalion Detachment (Chaos - Daemons) ++

+ HQ +

Herald of Khorne: Hellblade

+ Troops +

9x Bloodletter: 9x Hellblade
Bloodreaper: Hellblade

+ Heavy Support +

Skull Cannon: Hellblade, Skull cannon

Soul Grinder: Harvester cannon, Iron claw, Khorne, Phlegm bombardment, Warpclaw

+ Fast Attack +

Flesh Hounds
5x Flesh Hound: 5x Gore-drenched fangs

++ Battalion Detachment (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) ++

Legion: World Eaters

+ HQ +

Daemon Prince with Wings: Daemonic axe, Khorne, Malefic talon

+ Troops +

Khorne Berzerkers: Swap bolt pistol for plasma pistol, Swap bolt pistol or chainsword for chainaxe
Berzerker Champion: Frag & Krak grenades, Lightning Claw (Pair)
4x Khorne Berzerker: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Chainsword, 4x Frag & Krak grenades

Khorne Berzerkers: Swap bolt pistol for plasma pistol
Berzerker Champion: Bolt pistol, Chainaxe, Frag & Krak grenades
4x Khorne Berzerker: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Chainsword, 4x Frag & Krak grenades

+ Heavy Support +

Maulerfiend: 2x Magma cutter, Maulerfiend fists

+ Flyer +

Heldrake: Baleflamer, Heldrake claws, Khorne

+ Dedicated Transport +

Chaos Rhino: Combi-bolter, Smoke Launchers

To usher out 7th edition some of the players in our local want to have a little bit bigger game to make use of some of the larger models that they do not get to play as much of.

Currently they want to run the game as CaDs + optional Knight detachment (no formations, no unbound).
They also voted to run a custom mission.

I might not be playing in it as I do not have as many "big units" as they are wanting to use. Talk of 5 knights or the Tau player using the BIG Forgeworld battle suit has been going around.

Here is the current version of the mission I am going to propose:

Primary: Steal the plans!
Each player will place one objective + terrain holding it anywhere fully within their deployment zone. This objective marker will use the rules for The Relic, but you can only capture an enemy’s objective, not your own.
This Relic that is on this piece of terrain is protected by an impassible Void Shield.
Non-vehicle Defenders can be on the terrain that is covered by the shield, but until the shield is fully disabled, no one is able to shoot or move into or out of the terrain.
Even when the shield is down, all Vehicles treat this terrain as impassible.
A unit can only pick up the relic at end of their Movement Phase.
Terrain Void Shield:
Each hit scored against the Terrain will instead hit a void shield (whilst they remain). Void shields have an Armor Value of 12. A glancing or penetrating hit scored against a void shield causes it to collapse one by one level.
You can disable the shield by shooting at the terrain or hitting the terrain in close combat (the terrain is treated as WS0). The Void shield starts with 2 levels of shield.
If a weapon uses a template or blast marker, roll to pen the void shield once using the weapons normal rules & profile for each template or blast marker that hits.
At the end of each of the controlling player's turns, while the terrain is occupied, roll one die: on a 5+ they instantly add one shield level (this can go above the starting level of shield).

Secondary:  Incoming!
A Chaos Comet has entered the atmosphere where it broke apart and is now raining lumps of Warpstone onto the battlefield.
Game Turn 1: after scout moves Random Deploy Objective markers 1, 2 and 3.
Game Turn 2: after reserves are placed, but before the rest of the movement Random Deploy Objective markers 4 & 5
Game turn 3, after reserves are placed, but before the rest of the movement, deploy Objective marker 6 in the last area.
Game turn 4, after reserves are placed, but before the rest of the movement, follow Comet scatter rules from center of table, increase size of blast to Large Blast, ST D AP1 ignore cover. No objective to be placed. This creates a LOS blocking smoke cloud Large Blast sized at the impact site.
Comet Scatter rules: Split table up into 6 parts, roll 1d6 for which table section the Warpstone lands in (re-roll if area already has a lump of Warpstone), roll a scatter die, if a "Hit" use small line to scatter 1d6, otherwise move the blast 2d6 in that direction from the center of that section. This is a St10 Ap2 ignore cover Small Blast. From then on treat large blast area around it as 5+ cover crater.
If the Warpstone lands on any part of a ruins, remove the ruins and non-vehicle models in the ruins take 1D6 randomly allocated ST4 AP- ignore cover hits and a Pinning Test from the collapse of the ruins. They are now in a 5+ cover crater.
Place the objective marker in center of final blast area, hold objective for Progressive Objective points.

Sound fun? Dull? To hard to score? To easy to score?

Discussion: THE LIST / Chaos/Necrons gone crazy
« on: April 05, 2017, 05:50:01 AM »
So after getting 2nd at a local ITC event with a wild and crazy list (Fist of Khorne, Gorepack, Destroyer cult(necron) I have dived deeper into the Chaos to make this list.

This month the ITC even will be focused on Mission 4,5,6 which are heavy on the Objectives, thus Objective secured will be more valuable.

CAD (Necrons)

+ HQ +
Illuminor Szeras

+ Troops +
10x Necron Warrior (Ghost Ark)
10x Necron Warrior (Ghost Ark)
10x Necron Warrior

CAD (Chaos Khorne Daemonkin)

+ HQ +
Chaos Lord: Axe of Khorne, Bolt Pistol, Juggernaut of Khorne, Melta Bombs, Power Armour, Sigil of Corruption

+ Troops +
8x Bloodletters
9x Chaos Cultists, 1x Flamer
Cultist Champion

+ Fast Attack +
Chaos Rhino
20x Flesh Hounds

Formation Detachment (Chaos Space Marines: Codex (2012))

Cyclopia Cabal
Sorcerer: 2x Additional Mastery Level, Bike, Bolt Pistol, Force Axe, Melta bombs, Power Armour, Spell familiar, Veterans of the Long War
Sorcerer: 2x Additional Mastery Level, Bike, Bolt Pistol, Force Axe, Melta bombs, Power Armour, Spell familiar, Veterans of the Long War
Sorcerer: 2x Additional Mastery Level, Bike, Bolt Pistol, Force Axe, Melta bombs, Power Armour, Spell familiar, Veterans of the Long War

The trimmed down Necron CAD is a resilient, slightly mobile force that can grab and hold objectives out in the center zone, maybe even get into enemy territory and steal those. Illuminor can buff the foot troops and gives them +1 RP.

The KDK CAD gives me the Chaos Lord and the Fleshhounds that will be running with the three Sorcerers forming the Death Star which can face off against most units in melee combat with their massive number of wounds, attacks and Meltabombs. Plus the Psychic power the Cabal brings will be able to abuse the high number of non-vehicles grav-spam that is normally played in my area.

Cultists go into the rhino for some mobile back field objective grabbing, they are just cruising around in their tin can.

Bloodletters deepstrike in late game for Linebreaker or to grab an objective somewhere in an odd part of the table.

So, for a Christmas present, I found a Kharybdis Assault Claw ( Imperial Armor 13 added Daemonic Possession) under the tree. Now to use it at the next event at the local store.

1850pts Khorne Daemonkin

*Blood Host Detachment*

+ Core +

Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury

8x Bloodletters
8x Bloodletters, Banner of Blood

9x Cultists, 1x Flamer
- Cultist Champion [Autogun]

Chaos Spawn
Chaos Spawn

4x Possessed
- Possessed Champion
- Chaos Rhino

+ Auxiliary +

Soul Grinder [Baleful Torrent]

Maulerfiend [2x Magma Cutters]

Helbrute [Multi-Melta, Powerfist with built in Combi-bolter]

*Formation Detachment*

Fist of Khorne  ( )
Kharybdis Assault Claw
19x Berzerkers, Replace 1x Bolt Pistol w/ Plasma Pistol
- Berzerker Champion [Axe of Khorne, Combi- Melta]

Using a couple of tricks here:
1. The Rhino I listed under the Possessed is actually going to be used by the Cultists. Rhino starts empty, then the Cultists hop in and they drive around till they both die.
2. Boodletters with Banner acts as a landing point for any summons. Ideally, start them in Deepstrike along with the Soul Grinder, hoping for both coming in on same turn, land near the enemy so the Baleful Torrent can burn some things.
3. Helbrute and Maulerfiend are my can openers.
4. Two independent Spawn for more chaos and blood tithes.
5. And of course the key element, first turn charging 20 Berzerkers... ( )

Discussion: Khorne Daemonkin / 1650 KDK Cad + Gorepack
« on: November 10, 2016, 07:31:25 AM »
This weekend is our stores first ITC style event. Have two slightly different lists that I am thinking about. I know the are not optimal, but I am going for a list I will enjoy playing rather than just going all out cheese.

List 1:
Combined Arms Detachment (Chaos Khorne Daemonkin)

+ HQ +
Chaos Lord [Axe of Khorne, Juggernaut of Khorne, Power Fist, Sigil of Corruption, The Blood-forged Armour, Warlord]

+ Troops +
7x Bezerkers, Chaos Rhino
Bezerker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon]

8x Bloodletters
8x Bloodletters

+ Heavy Support +
Skull Cannon

+ Lord of War +
[FW] Chaos Knight Paladin

Formation Detachment (Chaos Khorne Daemonkin)
Chaos Bikers [2x Bikers, 2x Flamer]
Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon]
Chaos Bikers [2x Bikers, 2x Flamer]
Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon]
4 units of 5x Flesh Hounds

List 2:
Combined Arms Detachment (Chaos Khorne Daemonkin)

+ HQ +
Herald [Exalted Locus of Wrath, Hellblade, Juggernaut of Khorne]
Skulltaker [Warlord]

+ Troops +
7x Bezerkers, Chaos Rhino, Replace 1 CCW w/ Chainaxe]
Bezerker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Chainaxe]

8x Bloodletters
8x Bloodletters]

+ Heavy Support +
Skull Cannon

+ Lord of War +
[FW] Chaos Knight Paladin

Formation Detachment (Chaos Khorne Daemonkin)

Chaos Bikers [2x Bikers, 2x Meltagun]
Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon]
Chaos Bikers [2x Bikers, 2x Meltagun]
Biker Champion [Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon]
4 Units 5x Flesh Hounds

Major difference are:
HQs: one Tanky/killy Chaos lord, or two "special ability" HQs.
Berzerkers Champ has AP4, one normal one has AP4
Bikers have two melta instead of Flamers.

Alos note that with the change to Beasts are swinging at I1 when charging through terrain, Skull Cannon helps key units.

Discussion: Necrons / My turn for a list review, 1650 Necrons
« on: October 19, 2016, 06:59:30 PM »
So this weekend we are having our monthly local tournament.

It seems to have drawn the attention of larger group of more competitive minded people than normal.

And based on some facebook chatter, it seems that the majority of the players will be some kind of Space Marine/Wolves/Blood Angel MSU spam mix, with lots of grav/power fists/Terminators that can charge out of deep strike etc. The other players are Ork Boys in Trukk spam (topped the last few events), a Tyranid player, another Necron player (she is newer to the game though) and a few others that I have no idea what they are running.

Made a few lists that were more casual before knowing who would be there (i.e. Necron mixed with KDK or Renegade knights or just pure Harlequin), so am forced to try and go full on Necron Cheeze.

Current list draft:
1649pts Decurion Detachment

Reclamation Legion
Overlord [Phase Shifter, The Veil of Darkness, Warscythe]
7x Lychguard [Hyperphase Sword & Dispersion Shield]
8x Immortal [Gauss Blaster]
4x Tomb Blade [Nebuloscope, Shield Vanes, Twin-linked Gauss Blaster]
11x Necron Warrior
11x Necron Warrior

Destroyer Cult
Destroyer Lord [Phase Shifter, Voidreaper]
3x Destroyer
3x Destroyer
3x Destroyer
3x Heavy Destroyer

8x Flayed Ones

Pretty straight forward, lack of Obj Sec might hurt grabbing "secure objective x" maelstrom cards but I need to survive against long range weapons better. The flayed ones are used as a body wall to keep things from getting to me too quickly (ork trukks, scouting Land Speeder Storms etc.)

40K Rules Questions / White Scar Hunting Force vs Pure Harlequin
« on: October 02, 2016, 07:49:01 AM »
Yesterday we were trying out some different armies/formations/point levels and had a match up between a Pure Harlequin army vs the White Scar "Scarblade Strike Force" which included the "Hunting Force" formation from the Kauyon book.

The way that the bonus rule for the Hunting Force "The Hunter's Prey" is worded it seems to be useless against such an army.

Harlequins have no HQ models. And the 2nd/3rd choices are only valid prey after the HQ has been Destroyed.

We ruled it at the time: Since no HQ has been destroyed, the 2nd/3rd choice can never be prey.

Was that correct? Or should it have been a different ruling?

Gamers' Hall of 77 Carriage House Dr Jackson, TN 38305 is hosting it's monthly Warhammer 40k tournament on February 25, 2017 store opens at 10am, sign ups start at 10:30am, first round starts at 11am.

This month is 1850 points, using the standard Maelstrom Missions from the BRB, slight modifications to the Objective points: D3=2points, D6=4, discarding/replacing impossible Objectives.

Also, scoring of rounds is now 5 points for a win, 4 for a tie and 3 for loss. Using mission score only as tie breaker.

Rounds are 2.5 hours each, 3 total rounds. Lunch break between round 1 or 2 based on vote.

$10 entry, total pot is split as store credit between top players.

Discussion: Eldar / 400 pt special event
« on: February 25, 2016, 06:50:48 AM »
There is a special event coming up at a local shop where I might have to build a 400 point list of an army I don't have yet under a bunch of special rules:

No formations, No Fortifications, No Flyers, Flying Monstrous = Jump, No Super/Gargan, No 3+ invulnerable save after any modifier, etc.

Force Org chart of:
1 HQ
0-1 Elite
1-3 Troops
0-1 Fast Attack
0-1 Heavy

So, to keep cost low and still have something playable I came up with this:

Eldar Craftworlds: Codex (2015) (Combined Arms Detachment)

Spiritseer [Shuriken Pistol, Witchstaff]

5x Dire Avenger
Wave Serpent [Twin-linked shuriken cannons, Twin-linked shuriken catapults]

10x Guardian, Platform with Scatter laser

Vyper [Scatter laser, Twin-linked shuriken catapults]

Which is basically the Eldar Battleforce + Spiritseer

I am open to other units and ideas, as I do not know if I even have to do this but when times comes I have less than a month to to get the needed models.

Discussion: THE LIST / Pure Khorne Daemonkin Blood Host - 1250pts
« on: December 06, 2015, 03:55:23 PM »
Will be participating in a tournament next Saturday. The shop has the same mission each round, but rotating between the three deployment styles.

The scoring breaks down to: Player with the most Kill Points gets 5pts (tie in KPs, 2 points for both players).  Kill the Warlord and Linebreaker are 2pts each. An objective right in the middle of the table is worth 3ps. Then four player placed objectives worth 2 points each. With the highest total score across all 3 rounds is the winner of the tournament.

This is first pure list for Daemonkin (been messing around allied with Necrons). It contains most of the models I currently own. I do have 3x Bloodcrushers, Demon Prince and a Herald on Juggernaut as well. So what I need is the fine tuning of the various upgrades availible to the models I own.

Blood Host Detachment - 1250

Chaos Lord [Axe of Khorne, Juggernaut of Khorne, Power Fist, The Skull-helm of Khorne]

10x Bloodletters, Upgrade one to Bloodreaper (for challenges)
10x Bloodletters, Upgrade one to Bloodreaper (for challenges)
7x Cultists + Cultist Champion [Autopistol]
7x Cultists + Cultist Champion [Autopistol, Take a shotgun]
Chaos Rhino
4x Possessed + Possessed Champion

Biker Champion [Axe of Khorne, Bolt Pistol]
2x Bikers, both with Flamer

Biker Champion [Axe of Khorne, Bolt Pistol]
2x Bikers, both with Flamer

5x Flesh Hounds
5x Flesh Hounds

War Engine
Soul Grinder [Baleful Torrent]

Some of the why:
Chaos lord: This load out is similar to what I have seen on a few lists, Axe for normal at initiative fights (st4 ap2), power fist against high toughness or vehicles (st8 ap2). Both are specialist weapons, so +1 attack either way making it 7 on the charge, 6 when charged, 5 normal. Crown might add more attacks. Will run him with either a bike squad or the Hounds.

Bikers: Multiple people use Orcs and Tyranids in swarm style lists, I think the flamer replacing the Bolt Guns might be better for this than running as melta. Plus, current points do not fit full melta. Champion gets 5 attacks on charge, 4 when charged and 3 normal ST4 AP2 at I4 with this load out. Normal bikers get 4,3,2.

Soul Grinder: he will be moving forward and getting into fights, and I figure the torrent might be better against the orcs and tyranids.

Cultists sit on the closer objectives, taking pop shots and charging one of the many Drop Pod marines that will be dropping near the objectives. Bloodletters cause chaos by either running across the board or deep striking into their back lines.

Possesed go full speed down the the table, jump out and hide for a round, then get into a fight where they can. The empty tank then runs around and gets destroyed for the blood tithe points.

Discussion: THE LIST / Odd Necron/Khorne Daemonkin combo 1850 test list
« on: August 20, 2015, 08:07:50 PM »
Not sure what I was thinking but this list suddenly came to mind when I was thinking about starting a Khorne Daemonkin army as a second army.

1850pts Unbound, two Detachments:

Necrons Formation Detachment

Annihilation Nexus
Doomsday Ark
Annihilation Barge [Gauss Cannon]
Annihilation Barge [Gauss Cannon]

Destroyer Cult
Destroyer Lord [Phase Shifter, The Gauntlet of the Conflagrator, Warscythe]
4x Destroyer
4x Destroyer
4x Destroyer
3x Heavy Destroyer

Khorne Daemonkin Formation Detachment

Charnel Cohort
3x Bloodcrushers, Instrument of Chaos
10x Bloodletters
10x Bloodletters
10x Flesh Hounds
Herald [Greater Locus of Fury, Hellblade, Juggernaut of Khorne]

Doomsday cannon set up at the back of my deployment in a good line of site of the majority of the table with Destroyer Cult protecting it. They only move as needed for more shots.

Flesh Hounds start on table running towards the enemy intercepting any fast moving forward groups.

The Herald on his mount goes in with the Bloodcrushers in Deep Strike Reserves.
All Bloodletters also in Deep Strike Reserves.

When Herald and his unit come in, I aim for just behind their deployed units, then with the Instrument of Chaos, I get to bring one of the Bloodletters units in, who are placed by the Herald for no scatter (per the formation) and I hope to also bring in the other unit without scattering as well. They then cause chaos in the back lines with either absorbing fire as they over react to this large group of deamons in their back row, or they will force melee onto who ever they can.

Please tell me this is a bad idea. I am not even sure this is a legit way of building an army
If not as bad as I think it might be, it will be the start of a full army.

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