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This is a bit of a rant, but I wanted your opinions on how to prevent this from happening again.

This weekend I played a narrative Apoc game at my game store being organized by a guy whos been playing the game since it came out. A lot of the guys playing were pretty new to the game, but most of us got have been playing for 6 months or more so we got a good amount of the rules and each other's armies down. We were split into two teams (Chaos and Imperial) and we were set up with about 6000 points on each side. For the Chaos side, the team I played, we were to capture objectives by fighting through an Imperial city, we gain points by capturing these objectives. For the Imperial side, they already hold the objectives and they were to defend them to gain points at the end of their turn. The Chaos team elected me to be the leader and the organizer of the event was to be the Imperial leader. All of us were excited to play and we were hoping for a grand and cinematic battle that we will all remember.

Unless you were on the Chaos Team.

First the narrative was set up for us to lose. The Imperial side just had to sit and hold positions on the board that they already controlled, they would score points just by sitting on their objectives and roadblocking as they pleased. I was also not allowed to outflank onto their side of the board due to narrative reasons, which would not have been bad if my entire army was not based around outflanking/infiltration (I was playing Alpha Legion) and I committed at least half of all the points on my team, again most of us were still pretty new to the game so all they had were about 1000 points each.

Second, we had a completely new person join the group. It was almost his first game with a new army and he was excited to try to play it on the apoc game. Unfortunately all this did was take up time because our organizer insisted upon 30 minute turns and we had to rule check everything he did. He joined the chaos team, so we had to constantly switch from doing our own things and then help him play his army on our spare time. He did not know how to play his army, but I have, so I spent a good majority of my time helping him out. This made me miss several actions that my units can do.

Third, we did not have any super heavy vehicles. A lot of my team did not have the models that our opponents did. Our opponents had warhound titans, wraithknights, and knights. The biggest thing our team had was a single baneblade that we borrowed from the store. It was obliterated turn 2. That was basically our only vehicle and we were shot off the board quickly.

Excitement quickly shifted to disappointment from both sides, ours obviously and the opposing team expected Alpha Legion popping up from the sides all over the objectives, as they were not aware of the rules the organizer had put in place. The organizer attempted to give our side the momentum again by giving us free rolls to bring back dead units, but he specifically targeted the mentioned new player, which wiped out his whole units as soon as they came back. After 2 hours of getting destroyed it was the end of turn 2 and the score was 8 to 1 as we held the least scoring objective for 1 turn before we were driven off in a hail of d weapons. The organizer attempted to give us momentum again by allowing me to outflank into the lowest scoring region, but it was not going to help to even tie the game. I saw that my group was very unhappy and I called the game. The organizer tried to give us more incentives to continue, but I explained my reasoning and he accepted my views. We cleaned up the tables, set them back up to how they were originally, played regular pick up games, and acted like we did not play that game.

Was I wrong to end that game? I mean no one was having any fun and I rather save the time playing games I would enjoy. If we were to ever play this again, what are some tips to prevent this from happening again?

I literally started up 40k about 3 months ago and I always wanted to make a horde human army. I want to make the board flood with hundreds of models to make every one of my battles looks like a last stand against a numberless enemy. I don't have to win, I just want every one of these games to feel and look amazing.

At first I attempted Genestealer Cult with a spam summon list, but it was not reliable enough to really get that numberless horde feel. Then Traitor Legions came out and I read the Alpha Legion's ambiguous rules for respawning cultists twice (FAQ dashed my dreams but I figured something else out). I knew then that I wanted to make a massive cultist army whose power comes from it's sheer body count.

A few weeks later this happened:

This is about 290 cultists from literally all over the world and to be honest I need almost 300 more to get to the list I really want to make. A 3000 point Chaos Renegade list with over 540 cultists posing as renegades. Basically its 37 squads of 15 man units with a meltagun in each and 3 leman russes for some firepower. All the squads get revived into ongoing reserve with outflank on a 2+ when destroyed or routed.

A link to the list here specifics to the list here

Right now I am looking for cheap cultists from the Dark Vengeance Set since it has the most varied cultists models. I have exhausted all of my usual websites and bitz stores so I am always on the lookout. Also I am looking to get about 100-150 of the convert bodies for renegade militia (both 100+ of the regular and 40 enforcer ones) from forge world so if anyone knows of any of them I can get for cheap that would be cool too.

To be honest, I can't really find a better full cultist list or ways of finding more cultist models. I kinda want opinions on what I have in mind or maybe even better ways of slapping on more cultists into the list. After that video today, I felt like this would be the best place to brainstorm new ideas.

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