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Discussion: Dark Angels / Codex dark angels in the ..'new' 40k.
« Last post by Warseer_Kaelrich on February 20, 2018, 10:01:31 PM »
Ok so it looks like there have been no posts here since the new dex came out so lets chit chat about the new stuff,and how ill play it.

Ravenwing = you all know this my battle brethren. But this is to a different extent. We now can have 3rd company bikers fire ALL weapons,save pistols, in the shooting phase. The black knights are now skirmishes of near peerless repute,being able to advance, then let loose with a full fucilade of plasma fire.

Termies are, well, termies. They are just a bit more fully kitteed out than they were in 7th and well they arnt really loved at the moment. But ill get more into why we should embrace the deatheing, second company, later.

We hit the lot dry on HQ's here. All of our leadership does something to increast our armies potency so feel free to pick your style and go with it.

Lets talk about what I'm feeling for a 2k point game. As far as detatchments are concerned I'm thinking about running a vanguard and a batallion detachment.
3x deathwing termie squad
        (Each armed with 4 storm bolters, 4 powerfists, 1 power sword, 1 assault cannon)
1 deathwing knights squad(stock)
1 land raider crusader (stock)
1 deathwing ancient.

The trick is to get your deathwing knights  up the table in the land raider then unload and start combat while the termites teleport in and supply covering fire and pick off high priority targets. Asmodai and the ainchent will follow the knights and allow them to hit a massive 4 attacks with their weapons and at are x 2 they are going to obliterate anything they come into contact with.

Now want if ground support. We need more Dan a to thin out screens right? Lets look at my Barak look detachment.

Company master Balthazar
     (Lion's roar, relic blade)
Azrael (warlord)
3x tac squads
     (Combi plasma, plasma gun)

This give syou boots on the ground while maintaining some fashion of take down ability. Of course nothing stop a you from running Balthazar in the land raider with the other deathwing, remember most HQs have the keyword, and just let him beat on all the unsuspecting big bads.

On a side note I guess you could call this a 'great hunt' list as the land raider is taking a group of knights to face the greatest beast on the table.

What do you think,in always happy with constructive critisisim. And also bit I have not played with this list quite yet and will get some games in with in the week.
Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: Blood Angels 8th theory
« Last post by Warseer_Kaelrich on February 15, 2018, 08:11:58 PM »
Honestly I think the captains main place should be with your tac squads. Being primaris means he has one more wound and attack, not much else. His master crafted autobolt gun is assault 2, 24'. So he needs to be supporting with covering fire. If found grab to be the way to go with my tacs. 2 squads grab and 1 squad flamer based to be specific. They should be able to mow down the screens and some of the heavier units. Hellblasters are also a great choice. A unit of 10, while not as powerful as the dark angels guys are still amazing. For BA I suggest blade and pistol or carbine drivers. They benefit from the thirst and can really cover ground on grav-shute insertion. Good this helps
Discussion: Painting / Re: What's On Your Paint Bench?
« Last post by Wintermute on February 15, 2018, 10:58:05 AM »
Finally done.

So many skulls....

I think I am having the same problem everyone does with this model.
Too big to fit in a display or most storage.
It was fun to paint though.
Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / chaos lord on Juggernaut?
« Last post by steam on February 14, 2018, 07:21:19 AM »
 Hi there. I think its time to build my self a lord on jugg. But I dont know how good is he and how to use him. Was hoping that some of you might help me with that.
Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / Re: Search for the dark Relic (Red Corsairs)
« Last post by steam on February 14, 2018, 07:19:04 AM »

Holding the relic in his own hands, Huron was about to leave. When all of a sudden an Imperial ship landed on the bases landing pad. The ship was covered with Deathwatch symbols.

Those fools where after the Eldar scum that where just destroyed. And they dident expect to encounter Red Corsairs here. Huron had to deal with them, as he dident want the Imperium to know that he was here.

 He gave the Relic to his Sorcerer and ordered him to retreat with it. While he will deal with the Imperials.

Still intense from the last battle, the Heldrake and a squad of bikers dident loose any time, and swiftly got to the enemy. The Heldrake located the enemy Warlord, it was a Watch Captain. The Daemon Engine tried to burn him alive, but the marine managed to avoid the flames help to the terrain. Then he noticed that the beast tried to grab him with his claws, and once again, he managed to avoid it.

 He flew up with his jump pack and landed behind the beast, only to meet his enemy eye to eye.

The bikes tried to shot down a Razorback, but failed. In return they where attacked by Deathwatche marines, and they where armed heavily.

 The encounter dident go according to the Deathwathc plans. Bikes managed to dodge a lot of swings from all those power axes, and even manage to decrease the numbers of the enemy squad.

At the same time the Deathwatch ship flew over the other squad of bikers, and killed of two of them. The ship aimed strait towards Huron and his main numbers. What the Deathwatch dident expect where that Huron anticipated that attack. When the Ship flew closer, the Daemon Prince flanked it.

The chaos marines disembarked form their rhinos, and so did Huron. The Corsairs lord, along with Daemon Prince, started casting devastating powers against the ship. Followed by a rain of plasma and bolter shot from the other squads.

The counter attack worked, and the ship went down blazing. From it emerged one more heavily armed squad of Deathwatch marines, and their Captain.

 Corsairs dident waist time and attacked the devastated squad. With the Prince flaying next to their captain and ripping him apart with his talons.

While the watch Captain tried to push back the advance of the Corsairs on his side. He noticed the devastating defeat of his forces by Hurons claw. He had no other option but to order he last remaining units to retreat, and report this accident immediately. His marines decided to stay behind, and try and hold of the enemy for their Captain to retreat. The last thing that the Watch captain saw, was his Dreadnought shooting at the enemy rhinos, damaging them and preventing from following. And the fierce Heldrake ripping apart his trusty marines.

The Watchcaptain knew, that he will revenge his soldiers. And this is not the last time he encounters  Huron.
Discussion: Eldar / Re: 8th Ed Eldar. MAIN MENU.
« Last post by mcphro on February 11, 2018, 03:23:50 AM »
Updated... I just don't have the time to write reviews and I've found the frontline gaming ones excellent, so here is their reviews that they have done for the Eldar so far.
40K Rules Questions / Re: Stratagem usage
« Last post by Atlantion on February 10, 2018, 06:34:18 PM »
Thanks again!  ;D
Ok, thanks a lot!  :D
40K Rules Questions / Re: Stratagem usage
« Last post by Tobas DA on February 10, 2018, 04:34:55 AM »

page 215 Rulebook bottom "Strategic Discipline"  (from German Rulebook, should be the same page)

Addition: This is for "matched play" only. In open/narrative play, you could use a stratagem several times per phase. 

from the core rules no to all.

Crucial for shooting after advancing is the weapons "Type" in its profile.

A Frag Grenade has the "Grenade" type keyword, a Bolt Pistol has the "Pistol" type keyword.

You can shoot the Bolt Pistol instead of a Melta Gun (assault typ weapon), but that does not change the Bolt Pistols profile from pistol to assault. Same with grenades.

You can not shoot pistols or throw grenades after advancing, unless there is an army special rule or stratagem.

As far as I know, the Slugga is a "Pistol" and can not be shot after advancing. The "Shoota" can, it is a "Assault" weapon.

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