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How to Play Iyanden! A Lazy Guide
« on: May 31, 2014, 03:08:37 AM »
Hello folks! Welcome to another amalgamation of nonsense, today in response to the challenge Ramses issued me I’ll be telling you how to play Iyanden AND because we have a Supplement, unlike the lesser Craftworlds (*cough* Ulthwe *cough* Saim-Hann *cough*) I’ll be getting in to some of the finer details of playing these guys with actual rules! Though to keep true to the spirit of the challenge I’ll be talking about fluff at every opportunity too.

Iyanden Supplement
Gifts of Asuryan – So these are meant to be our relics. A few of them are wonderfully fluffy and make sense, some not so much. Either way they’re pretty good table-wise.

Celestial Lance – This apparently was Drastanta, Tempest of Starlight’s Phoenix Lord spear of destiny, somehow Iyanden ended up with it.. NOT Saim-Hann. Just how that came to be we don’t know. Anyway! So you get a S8 AP2 Lance shot at 6” and +3S AP2, Lance in close combat as per usual, you also get something called Spirit Shatter. Basically if you kill an MC or Character with the spear you get to centre the Large Blast marker over the victim and everyone takes a hit equal to the dead foe’s Toughness with AP - … Really not such a bad thing, especially on a Mantarch.

Soulshrive – Next up we have the terribly terrifying Soulshrive, apparently the Ancient Spirit Stone contained in the sword contains a very, very angry and malevolent spirit, who is very much in love with the idea of violence. So much so that apparently any who use the sword tend to go a little crazy because of the voices in their head. Soo… Not all of the dead that fight for Iyanden are.. good.. or sane for that matter. ANYWAY! Soulshrive comes at you with S3 AP2 and Master-Crafted, the catch is Spiritstealer, basically every unsaved Wound it causes adds +1 Strength to a maximum of 10.

The Wraithforge Stone – This.. This relic is both wonderfully fluffy and particularly useful, especially if you’ve manage to roll Renewer at some point, what with all the Spiritseers around. Basically the greatest Bonesinger in Iyanden history seems to have left the remnants of his soul in the Wraithforge Stone after himself departing in to the Infinity Circuit (Which he played a part in creating! YOU ARE WELCOME OTHER CRAFTWORLDS!). This bad boy gives you the ability to restore a wound on a Wraithlord or Wraithknight within 6” on a roll of 3+. As if they weren’t tough enough already, let’s just give them the ability to heal. This is very Iyanden-ish, what with the affinity for Wraithbone and the souls of the dead hanging around to help us, this single relic is THE embodiment of our Wonderful Yellow and Blue Craftworld of the Dead.

Guardian Helm of Xellethon – This helm is actually kind of interesting, the fluff isn’t particularly mind-blowing, something about making the wearer stand out more in the spirit world, meaning Ghost Warriors can see as they cross over the threads of destiny and save them from their doom, kind of cool. Furthermore the character who bears this will always pass Look Out Sir rolls as long as there are Wraithguard or Wraithblades around AND it lets them accept Challenges as if they were characters so long as they’re in the same unit as the wearer. Definitely interesting for Wraithblades, given that having a Spiritseer in the unit is somewhat preferable.

Spear of Tethulas – This wonderful bit of Psyker-Only Singing Spear goodness is Iyanna Arienal’s spear, instead of being able to play the best and brightest Spiritseer on Iyanden (aside from that one mission we have in the Supplement) we get her weapon of choice, which she apparently hands out to certain people to give them her authority. Basically you get a Singing Spear with Rending and 18” range throwing distance (with the usual S9, Armourbane, Fleshbane stuff). Not mind-bogglingly powerful, but definitely decent and moderately fluffy. Of course if you can handle Iyanna only being Mastery Level 2, you can most certainly model a female Spiritseer and give them this spear, that’s what I intend to do, also note this is the only way to have anything but a Witch Staff on a Spiritseer!

MOVING ON! These are the other random bits and pieces the Supplement gives us, fluffy and practical as always!

Voice of Twilight – Ahh this power, this power is wonderfully useful AND fluffy. Your Spiritseers are basically enlivening the lost souls of the dead and restoring some sense of vigour that they must have had when they were alive. Your Wraith units gain Battle Focus and Furious Charge, if you needed S10 Wraithlords.. Honestly though, Battle Focus is priceless on Wraithguard and Furious Charge is wonderful for Wraithblades, making them S7/8 depending on Weapons choices. Did I mention it targets ALL Wraith units in 12”. Yeah, it’s just that awesome and takes over as Primaris on Runes of Battle ONLY for your Spiritseers, so you can still have Conceal in the form of Warlocks.. which I suppose is having your eerie ghost cake and eating it too.

Warlord Traits – I’m really not going to get in to each individual trait, they are BETTER than the Codex traits if you’re playing an Iyanden Army. They’re probably more fluffy, but let’s not get in to that, use the traits! That’s all you need to know!

Heroes of Iyanden – Oh this! This is a wonderful rule, Iyanden tends to look to the oldest and most powerful of its dead to lead the Craftworld or act as advisors. Accordingly you can make Wraithlords and Wraithknights your Warlord! Deny your enemy the points and make an already threatening model so much more threatening. I like this rule on both aspects.

Shadow Council – You know how Ulthwe is famous for its Seer Councils? A collection of Farseers and Warlocks? Well Iyanden does one better in the mortuary department, I give you!! THE SHADOW COUNCIL! So you can pool your Spiritseers in to a single HQ slot, leaving us space for various other wonderful HQ choices and creating a very fluffy means of supporting your walking army of ghosts.

Universal Rules
As far the Eldar go they generally have Battle Focus and Ancient Doom with all Wraith units being Fearless, yay! Because what can you possibly be scared of if you’re already dead?

Battle Focus – This rule allows you to run THEN shoot or vice versa, of course our Ghost Warriors don’t hold on to this rule after death, so you’ll have to use Voice of Twilight which is explained below.

Ancient Doom – So remember the whole Fall of the Eldar thing where we kind of created Slaanesh? Yeah.. well that had a lasting effect.. go figure right? So all our units treat any Daemons of Slaanesh or any models with the Mark of Slaanesh as having the Fear special rule and make Fear checks at -1Ld, WHICH IS FINE! Because our Wraiths are Fearless they only grab the benefit which is having the Hatred USR for the same models, meaning you get to re-roll all To-Hits in the first round of any combat, not particularly applicable all the time, but FLUFFY as hell.

A note on Aspect Warriors – Because of the way Iyanden got decimated and now has a very small living population I figure one squad of any Aspect is enough to remain fluffy AND they’re still useful! Probably two for Dire Avengers because they’re so abundant throughout all Craftworlds. Or you could scrap the fluff.. but if you want to do that you shouldn’t be reading this guide!

Spiritseer – The proverbial butter in the midst of our Zombie-ridden Craftworld. These guys are mandatory.. there’s not much else to say, access to Telepathy (which is awesome now) and Runes of Battle (which always was awesome) at Mastery Level 2. Witch Staff and Shuriken Pistol with WS5, BS5 and the obligatory I5 and W2 mean these guys are alright offensively.. if you’re fighting a sponge or something. However the single most important functions of the Spiritseer come in making Wraithguard and Wraithblades troops AND Spirit Mark! Which is handy little power that let’s ALL Wraith units re-roll 1s to hit on certain ‘marked’ units (markerlights eat your heart out) within 12”. This is a wonderful boost to Wraithcannons and Heavy Wraithcannons alike as well as Wraithblades when they get in to the fray (what with a relatively low number of attacks and all, unless you’re rocking paired Ghostswords, even then the re-rolls are nice). ANYWAY, these guys have come a LONG way from the Warlock upgrade they used to be and are so wonderfully practical and fluffy I’d go so far as to say they are absolutely required if you want to play Iyanden, that’s all there is to it.

Farseers/Autarchs – Now we come to our less necessary generic HQs, yes you can make them awesome Iyanden-esque characters using our Gifts of Asuryan, but don’t even think about combining any of the equipment with the Eldar Remnants of Glory. This is a little bothersome as we can’t combine our awesome Celestial Lance or Soulshrive with the wonder of the Mantle of the Laughing God, but hey, can’t win ‘em all right? Either way stick the Guardian Helm of Xellethon and Soulshrive on a Footarch or the Celestial Lance on a Jetarch with some generic other upgrades and you’ll have fairly decent offensive character. Give the Wraithforge Stone to a Farseer who’s going to sit back around your Wraithknight(s) (possibly in a unit of Dark Reapers!) and you’ve got some fairly decent HQs.. I mean I wouldn’t have room for them, but maybe you do.

Wraithseer – This bad boy is 50% of the reason I don’t have room for Farseers and Autarchs, this is what you get when you stuff the spirit of a Farseer in a Wraithlord shell. I’ve already done tactica on this guy so I’m just going to say this is one of the fluffiest units you could ever use for Iyanden. A Wraithlord Farseer, does it get any better? I really want to make this guy my Warlord, but Forgeworld says no. With a spear that nets you re-rolls to Armour Penetration, a wonderful 5++ save and the tried and true S10 T8 Sv 3+ combo and the potential to become the moving platform for a D-Cannon as well as WS5 and 4 Wounds, yes 4!! this guy is awesome. BUT WRAITH! THERE’S MORE! (see what I did there.. because of the Ghost Warriors.. ha.. ha.. No? .. Fine..). This monster, in the obligatory Farseer manner is a Supportive Psyker too! Sure he can only cast one of three powers per turn being mastery level 1, but it doesn’t matter! He can give out Fleet which is nice for Wraithblades, he can force a Pinning Check on a single unit within 18” at -2 Ld, which potentially meshes well with a Hemlock’s Mindshock Pod, especially with Going to Ground being quite bothersome this Edition unless you REALLY wanted to, finally, and this is the kicker, he can hand out Feel No Pain to ANY unit of Wraithguard, Wraithblades OR any Wraithlord, Feel No Pain on my T6+ Sv3+ maybe 4++ save models? Yes.. yes I really don’t see why you would have to ask, but that’s not all! Forgeworld confirms that this power has UNLIMITED range. You can hand it out to any unit that takes your fancy at any time.. I cannot get over the combination of fluff and practicality in this unit. This is practically a mandatory choice for me.

Phoenix Lords – Unfortunately there is a problem for Phoenix Lords when you’re an Iyanden player, no it’s not that they’re overpriced, try playing Grey Knights and then tell me that, they’re not useless either Asurmen possibly rolling d3 times on our Warlord table would be great, not to mention none of them are by ANY means weak AND have access to assault transports. I just can’t bring myself to take them over the next guy I’ll talk about, they suffer from the same thing as Farseers and Autarchs of the regular variety.. NOT ENOUGH FLUFF!

Yriel, Autarch of Iyanden, Corsair Prince of the Eldritch Raiders – Here is the other 50% of the problem I detailed above, we get our very own Character Autarch! Sure he abandoned Iyanden once AND is part of the reason we have to use Ghost Warriors now, what with the whole Cyclonic Torpedo impacting the Craftworld and destroying a lot of things (Kraken aside… anyway). BUT HE CAME BACK! AND saved the Craftworld from Hive Fleet Kraken with his awesome band of Corsairs the Eldritch Raiders! Not only that, he made the ultimate sacrifice and picked up a spear so powerful it is said to contain the energies of a dying star.. or something and is apparently slowly killing him. Point is, I will take this guy all day every day over any Phoenix Lord, Farseer or Autarch (Or special characters from other Craftworlds) and the Corsairs to match whether they’re Forgeworld or not. So despite the tension between Yriel and Iyanna fluff-wise this guy is awesome and the addition of multiple detachments in the same army just because you feel like doing it is wonderful. So now I can take a Shadow Council, a Wraithseer AND Yriel and his Corsairs. Anyway rules! We get a wonderfully improved Autarch stat-line with 4 Wounds, Initiative 7 and 4 Attacks, a Forceshield and Plasma Grenades, which are completely and totally necessary if you’re going to be a close combat monster and then there’s the relics. So the super spear I mentioned earlier comes in with Armourbane, Fleshbane and AP3, which more than makes up for Yriel’s S3. The drawback being the spear’s Cursed rule forces Yriel to re-roll saving throws of 6 in close combat.. what with the slowly killing him and all, kind of annoying. The other relic is an explosive super monocle of doom, because any respectable special character in the grimdark of 40k needs a monocle that can kill people too! Basically instead of making attacks you centre the Large Blast template over Yriel and throwdown the S6 AP3 MEQ hate. Of course it hits friendlies too, so either bring in the Forceshielded Wraithblades with Feel No Pain, or throw him at combat alone. Sure it’s only one use, but he is perfectly capable of destroying whichever unit you throw him at with his Spear alone, especially since Wounds now spill out of challenges on to the surrounding combatants. Anyway.. end rant..

The Avatar of Khaine - I know I said Spiritseers and Wraithseers and Yriel… But the Avatar will ALWAYS be fluffy, which means including it as the 2nd HQ in that other detachment is just fine. This thing is a monster, can take awesome Exarch Powers for a myriad of bonuses and hands out 12” worth of Fearless to all this squishy non-wraith units you decided to include for some reason. These things are like the fiery, hate-filled splinters of doom you get at the most inappropriate times, which is interesting as they are literally meant to be the shards of the War God Khaine.

Welcome to the Troops section! I will endeavour to refrain from ranting and getting carried away with the awesomeness of certain units fluff and game-wise… I mean, if that’s even possible.

Wraithguard – First on the list.. the place it all started! Wraithguard! Where Spiritseers are the butter these guys are most certainly the bread in our morbid ghostly sandwich of necromancy. These guys make up the bulk of our Ghostly Bodyguard. Fitted with a stellar BS4 T6 Sv3+ combo and the S10 AP2, Distort based doom that is the Wraithcannon these guys are just gravy. Of course this weapon suffers from very blatant range issues only firing 12”, but with Battle Focus that’s fine! You can now move 6” and run an average of 3” before firing, so the weapon actually has an average 21” threat range… YAY! Anyway! For those who don’t know Wraithcannons work by tearing a whole in reality wherever they hit.. so the unlucky target of a Wraithcannon gets torn between them.. I can’t really imagine what happens between that time and death, but I assure you this is not like your everyday food-based dilemma. Happily then to represent this Distort causes Instant Death on a Wound roll of 6 and an auto-penetration on the same roll of Armour Penetration (and with the changes to the Vehicle Damage Table AP2 is suddenly the base line for causing explodes results) not that it matters, since we’re operating at S10 AP2 and there is NOTHING in the game with AV16.. I’m sure it was meant for D-Scythes and Heavy D-Scythes.. which I’ll get in to now!

Scytheguard – If, for some reason, you feel blowing your foes apart with S10 AP2 goodness isn’t enough you can get the same reality tearing technology in a Flamer! Yes that’s right! This S4 AP2, Distort Template weapon WILL delete entire units from the table without so much as the blink of an eye.. or.. Ghostly.. eye..type..thing. I call these guys Scytheguard, as they are regular old Wraithguard armed with D-Scythes.. practical, right?

Wraithblades – Along with the above awesomeness of the Scytheguard these guys were a new addition with our 6th Edition codex. CLOSE COMBAT WRAITHGUARD! Who would have thought these guys would be so cool? Sure they certainly aren’t as good as Wraithguard in a lot of ways, but that’s fine! These guys contain the more vengeful, hateful spirits of the dead, the kind of vengeance and hate you just have to settle in the fray of close combat. Coming in with two variants similar to their cousin Wraithguard and the wonderful combination of WS4 S5 T6 and Sv+3 as well as the possibility to grab a 4++ save these guys are nothing to sniff at. Now Weapons.. you may have not one, but TWO Ghostswords, netting you S6 AP3 and an Extra Attack which brings you up to 3 on the charge, very nice for MEQ hunters. HOWEVER! You can also go for the TOUGHER version with S7 AP2 and a 4+ Invulnerable Save, sure you’re reduced to Initiative 1 and you have less attacks, but who cares, let’s see anyone beat you in Close Combat that isn’t a 250+ point MONSTER. Even then, throw Feel No Pain on top and your opponent will have to cry. These guys for me are just as awesome as Wraithguard and with the wonderful new edition also have access to Assault Vehicles!

Guardians/Storm Guardians – So these guys are less Wraithy for sure, but with Yriel around there’s bound to be Corsairs in tow, right? Of course Guardians are neither here nor there in the terms of what Corsairs are meant to be, Storm Guardians get a little closer because Corsairs prefer the whole close-quarters ship to ship raids type deal, so let’s talk about them briefly. Storm Guardians are just odd.. WS4 and Initiative 5 is a good start, but S3 T3 and a 5+ Save just bring them a long way down in terms of close combat ability, which is strange seeing as they are armed with Shuriken Pistols and Close Combat Weapons. Sure they can now take Power Weapons, but they’re 15 points a pop and if you’re going after anything with a 3+ Save you’re probably doing it wrong. Happily two Storm Guardians in a squad of 10 can take Flamers and a Warlock can buddy up with the squad, giving them some much needed aid in the Combat section (what with Runes of Battle being ever-so-useful in that regard). Throw in a singing spear for the sake of grabbing every possible opportunity to weaken the squad you’re about to charge and you won’t be doing bad. They’re not better than the Wraithy stuff, but they’re MUCH cheaper.

Rangers/Jetbikes – These guys are.. less fluffy.. sure there is bound to be some around on Iyanden, somewhere.. but I won’t take them without any GOOD reason. Though don't let that stop you, they're particularly useful.
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Re: How to Play Iyanden! A Lazy Guide
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Fast Attack
Hemlock Wraithfighter – I really wish this unit was worth the 185 points you’ll pay. The fluff here is just so awesome, basically it’s what you get when the less friendly kind of Spiritseer decides to pilot a Wraithy, forbidden technology type aircraft. Sure it’s a little more survivable with the improvement to Jink, even though it means you won’t be able to fire the Heavy D-Scythes but hey, two S4 AP2 Blasts isn’t so great. Where this thing shines is the Mindshock Pod and the fact it’s a Mastery Level 1 Psyker that always knows Terrify, which now causes one unit a -1 Ld penalty, gives all other units Fear and forces the unit to take a Morale Check, which they will probably have to re-roll. As I stated above it meshes well with the Wraithseer’s Psychic Power meaning even Terminators will be taking a Pinning check at -3Ld and most likely re-rolling a success, which effectively takes them out of the game for a turn. If you’re really looking to leverage this thing grab two for a start, we’re kind of short on Aspect Warriors anyway so one Squad of Warp Spiders will do if you’re so inclined, though Hemlocks are WAY fluffier! Next grab every kind of Pinning Weapon you can, which means Night Spinners and possibly Vaul’s Wraith (haha did it again!) Support Batteries with Shadow Weavers, Swooping Hawks with whatever it is they have that can pin and Rangers and go to town with Dakka Serpents causing Morale and Pinning Checks on every unit possible, dish out Terrify on particularly tough nuts and cause havoc on their front lines. Happily And They Shall Know No Fear now does not make Space Marines immune to Pinning Checks, yes they can regroup automatically after failing morale, but it might be useful to move them away from where you were. Keep in mind the Mindshock Pod affects ALL units, so keep your squishy non-fearless Wraith models away, in a vehicle or close to one very angry Avatar of Khaine.

Heavy Support
huff… huff… alright.. made it to the Heavy Support section.. this is taking a while and this is only the short version.. WRAITHLORDS!

Wraithlord – Everyone’s favourite big brother Wraithmonsters, the whole reason Wraithbone is known for its Toughness coming in at WS4, BS4, S8, T8, W3 and Sv+3 these very large members of our Ghost Bretheren are very scary indeed. You now grab a Ghost Glaive at +1S AP2 and Master-Crafted for a trivial amount of points and ALL heavy weapon options are now quite cheap AND being a Monstrous Creature (and character for that matter, so by all means accept challenges with that jumped up Space Marine Captain who thinks he’ll get glory by attempting to kill a Wraithlord) they can fire two weapons per shooting phase. So get two Bright Lances they now count as SEPARATE weapons so you grab two S8 AP2 Lance shots at BS4 OR if you’re feeling a little more hateful of Infantry grab two Scatter Lasers or a Scatter Laser and Shuriken Cannons. Fire the Scatter Laser first to twin-link whatever else you have and throw down the S6 hate. NEVER forget to take two Flamers on these guys, yes they have 3 attacks and WILL obliterate almost anything in close combat, but they are a little prone to being tarpitted, so for the Infantry melting wonder and Wall of Death x2 if you happen to get charged, always take arm mounted Flamers. Otherwise, what can I say.. if you don’t feel like taking multiples of the monstrosity I’ll mention below take these guys!

Wraithknight – So Iyanden lists (or any list for that matter) filled with Monstrous Creatures are often called <insert monster typ>zilla.. in that vein this unit is definitely our GODzilla (seriously think about this, Wraithseer, Avatar, 2x Wraithlords, Wraithknight.. that’s 5 MCs..). Let me throw a stat-line at you, just make sure you’re in a place where your jaw-dropping won’t hurt too much… so.. WS4 BS4.. eh kind of average.. S10 T8.. yeah just a bigger Wraith monster.. whatever.. W6! SIX!!! SIX FLIPPING WOUNDS! This thing is nigh impossible to kill and coming in with Initiative 5 and 4 Attacks and the usual 3+ Save there is nothing the Wraithknight can’t do.. also did I mention it was a Jump Monstrous Creature? No? IT MOVES 12”!! TWELVE!! But it doesn’t stop there.. the weapon options.. Stock it comes with a pair of Heavy Wraithcannons, the 36” counterpart to the smaller models our Wraithguard have, combine with Spirit Mark for best results. Next up you grab a Ghost Glaive.. and why would you not want to throw this guy at like.. everything.. just RIP TEAR your way throw MCs, Vehicles and Infantry alike.. What’s that? No Invulnerable Save with a mere 3+ Save is a major flaw? WELL YOU ALSO GET A 5++ SAVE! Which, when successful in saving your Wraithbeast of ultimate death, causes Blind tests to every unit within 6”. Goodbye Tau.. Goodbye Necrons.. Goodbye Orks.. Goodbye Guard enjoy your WS and BS1 for a turn, thank you for your time. Of course realistically you’ll get the most out of this utility in close combat.. so Ghost Glaive up and CHARGEE!! The final setup is where things get dicey.. and REAL expensive.. You get the 5++ save as normal and some plasma based, hotter than a sun, thing called the Suncannon.. the S6 AP2 Heavy 3 Blast weapon from your nightmares and get this, throwing a Scatter Laser on your Wraithy-nightmare machine means your Suncannon will be TWIN-LINKED! Letting you re-roll that pesky scatter dice. So! Even if your opponent decides to be smart and spread out to maximum coherency you will still net enough hits to obliterate the unit, which will not be hard at S6 AP2.


Corsairs – Pending Update…

Dark Eldar – So remember how I was talking about access to Assault Vehicles?! Well Dark Eldar allies are even fluffy! The Kabal of the Wraithkind and the Cult of the Flayed Hand having helped out our favourite Craftworld of the Dead during an attack by WAAAAGHH! Rekkfist. Apparently they were just tickled by Iyanden’s horror at having to continually resurrect the dead to fight again, which quite frankly is just wonderful and very.. very.. morbid. ANYWAY! The basic template I had figured for this was take an Archon kitted however you like, grab some Kabalite Warriors/Wyches and any specialised Infantry you particularly wanted, some Incubi perhaps, with the appropriate transports and you’re done! If you were wanting to stay specifically on the non-squishy space elf side of things a Haemonculus (Ancient) and Wracks as Troops with a unit of Grotesques somewhere will probably do. To be honest I don’t know much about Dark Eldar but I’m definitely looking in to this option for Allies. Especially since in reading the 7th edition rules it seems you can take multiple Allied detachments as long as you meet the single HQ and single Troops criteria.

This two post guide brought to you by my merry self! I hope this meets the standards you had in mind for your 'challenge' Ramses, your move!

Thanks for reading! I'll update this as I find more tricks in 7th Edition!

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Re: How to Play Iyanden! A Lazy Guide
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Added xAngels Lazy guide for Iyanden to the menu...

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