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Come one, come all!!!!
« on: October 21, 2014, 03:04:49 PM »
Hello there all!

As you may have figured out I am new to this forum, reason being I hear great things and the forum I was originally with did not suit my needs. Now! Onto the fun schtuff!

I play an odd combination of Necrons and Dark Eldar. Now, some of you will say that this is not "fluffy". That is fine and also your opinion. My opinion is I've been playing Necrons since I was fifteen and wanted an army that had an extreme learning curve, fantastic to play and paint and went along nicely with my Maynark Dynasty Necrons.

Also, attached to this is a list I just built of Necrons and Dark Eldar and a few photos of my work from both systems.


Total: 1991 pts

Necrons (Primary)
Overlord-90 pts
Warscythe-10 pts
Mindshackle Scarabs-15 pts
Phylactery 15 pts
Semp Weave-15 pts
Catacomb Command Barge- 80 pts
Tesla Cannon- Free

Warriors (x5)- 65 pts
Ghost Ark- 115 pts

Warriors (x6)- 78 pts
Night Scythe- 100 pts

Warriors (x6)- 78 pts
Night Scythe- 100 pts

Annihilation Barges (x3)- 270 pts
Tesla Cannon (all)- Free

Doomsday Ark- 175 pts

Deathmarks (x10)- 190 pts

Cryptek- 25 pts
Abyssal Staff- 5 pts
Nightmare Shroud- 10 pts
Veil of Darkness- 30 pts

:Dark Eldar:
Haemonculus Covens Supplement
Scarlet Epicureans Formation

Haemonculus: 70 pts
Syndriq's Sump- 10 pts
The Panacea Perverted- 20 pts
Khaidesi Haemovores- 10 pts
Electrocorrrosive Whip- 20 pts
Liquifier Gun- 15 pts

Cronos Parasite Engine- 100 pts
Spirit Probe- 25 pts
Spirit Vortex- 25pts

Wracks (x10)- 100 pts
Ossefactor (x2)- 30 pts
Acothyst- 10 pts
Flesh Gauntlet- 10 pts
Hexrifle- 10 pts

Wracks (x10)- 100 pts
Liquifier Gun (x2)- 30 pts
Acothyst- 10 pts
Flesh Gauntlet- 10 pts
Hexrifle- 10 pts