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Rules You Get Wrong
« on: March 05, 2017, 05:41:07 AM »
So I don't know if this should potentially be a sticky as it could end up help clarifying a lot of stuff for new players or veterans mind-locked in editions past.  Anyways, I wanted to start a discussion on the rules of the game that you've always played a certain way, it may even have cemented itself in your local meta-game, but when you've gone back to check the book, you've realised you've been doing it wrong the whole time.

So to start the ball rolling, here's a few of my own that I've discovered I've been doing wrong for ages.

Null-Deployment & Sudden Death
In editions past it was possible to have nothing on the board until your reserves turned up, potentially denying your opponent one or two turns of valuable shooting.  However, it turns out that if at any point you have zero models on the table, your opponent wins a Sudden Death victory.

1st Turn Assaults
These have always been disallowed since 4th edition (IIRC), however 7th edition has done away with such restrictions entirely.  While special forms of deployment/reserve like Infiltrate or Deepstrike, for example, specifically state that you may not charge on first turn, there is in fact no such rule stating that when using conventional deployment you can not do so.  If you set up normally, can somehow get your models into charge range without using any special tricks that specifically disallow it,you can charge them.  Blood for the Blood God!

Gargantuan Monstrous Creates: Feel No Pain & Stomp
Until recently I didn't even know Gargantuan Monstrous Creates even had Feel No Pain, nor did my opponent fielding his Wraithnight.  Similarly we both always forget that they get Stomp.  It sounds Orky and somehow that translates in our heads that Eldar would do nothing so crude.

Transport Vehicles: Stunned & Shaken Effects On Passengers
In 6th edition (IIRC), a Shaken/Stunned transport automatically inflicted snap-shots on it's occupants.  In 7th they take a leadership test first and only suffer from snap-firing if they fail.  So many times this has bitten me in the ass as my Havocs have been rolling to hit on 6+ when they needn't have.  I only actually discovered this rule today, lol.  :o

Chaos Space Marines: Veterans of the Long War
While I never forget the +1Ld, I do frequently forget my re-rolls in melee against the lackies of the Corpse Emperor.

How about you guys?  What rules have you gotten mixed up or frequently forgotten?
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