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Zero inspiration!
« on: March 24, 2017, 04:38:57 AM »
Hello guys! This is the unknown user of 40k! Just because I've never posted something dosen't mean that I'm not lurking around the threads   ;)
But now I'm stretching out my and to you guys!

All my armies I had a clear goal and tactic with but not my Blood Angels.
If any of you guys have any typ of Idea what I can do with my army I'm happy that I opened my hand.

The only list that I played is
3 Land raiders with 5 death company with bolters, one Librarian (or Mephiston if I want)
3 minimum tactical squads with one one melta each all sitting razorbacks.
It's not the best list but for a long time this was the things that I was familiar with and I don't really know what way I want to go since the new codex came out.
BUT it dosen't feel like I'm playing Blood Angels... and I what to have that feel. It don't need to be ALLL SUPERPOWERFUL LIST THAT GONNA ASS KICK ALL LIST IN THE GAME. so i'm fine with that :)

This is the models that I have and if you find anything that I need, I can go so far as put 50 EUR more to the army.
I'm looking for a 1500 pts and/or 1850 pts list
I often play against Chaos Marines, Space Marines one with a lot of dreads and one army with Dark Angels player who has everything. That's why I have power fists to fight hell brutes, dreads and terminators.

Terminator captain from Space hulk with TH SS
Librarian magnetized with jump pack
Librarian with terminator armour and power axe
2  Priests, with magnetized  power fists
2 Chaplain, magnetized jump packs

15 tacticals with extras for meltas,combi meltas and Heavy Flamers
20 Scouts with Snipers

5 Terminatos with Lighting Claws
5 Terminatos with TH SS
5 Sanguinary Guard  (wargear straight from the box)
10 Death Company full magnetized with bolters or CC or jump packs
 Command Squad with banner
Furioso Dread

25 Assault Marines with all kinds of different gagets (power fists meltas power words)
3 Rhinos/ razorbacks with option for Assault Cannons, Heavy Bolters or Lascannons
Devastotos Squad with 4 Heavy bolters 

3 Land raiders with option of all 3 types

Feel free to add models up to around 50 EUR if needed :)
Have a great day !

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Re: Zero inspiration!
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2017, 08:46:29 AM »
My next 1850 force will try a little castle/strikeforce combo. I will take a cad with Tech with plasmacannon servies and the servo harness, two tact squads with Plasma, a Deredeo with the plasma cannonade and the haemotrope reactors, then add the Archangels Orbital Strike force, 2 assault, 1 shoot and a Golden host with two squads and the Sanguinor.   If I can connect relay pipe to the reactors I may swap in some flamersh/hvy flamers. If not the Sang guard will get upgrades.

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Re: Zero inspiration!
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2017, 08:54:11 AM »
HI! Nice thing you are taking the step up from lurking!
Since you want to feel like playing Blood Angels i'll propose a list that would do just that for how i want Blood Angels to feel. I don't know what you like about BA but for me it's mainly JumpPacks, Assault and Dreadnoughts with some fast Vehicles.

This list is however probably not very powerful, since JumpPack troops are just inferior to Bikes and the like and it does not offer a lot of turn1 shooting, but it should be fun and BloodAngelish.

As an addition i would advise for a single DropPod for your Furioso.

Blood Angels - Baal Strike Force 1850p
Death Company Chaplain - 125p (add to DC-Squad)
Librarian - ML2, JumpPack - 105p (add to any Jump squad, i'd take SG)
10x Death Company - JumpPacks, CCW, 2 PowerFists - 280p
5x Sanguinary Guard - DeathMasks, ChapterBanner - 195p
1x Furioso Dreadnought - FragCannon, Heavy Flamer, Magna Grapple - 165p
+ Drop Pod Dedicated Transport
5x TacticalMarines - 1xMeltagun - 170p
+ Razorback Dedicated Transport - Lascannon&TL-Plasmagun, DozerBlade
5x TacticalMarines - 1xMeltagun - 170p
+ Razorback Dedicated Transport - Lascannon&TL-Plasmagun, DozerBlade
5x TacticalMarines - 1xMeltagun - 170p
+ Razorback Dedicated Transport - Lascannon&TL-Plasmagun, DozerBlade
10xAssaultMarines - 2xMeltagun, Eviscerator, Sergeant Meltabombs PowerWeapon - 235p
10xAssaultMarines - 2xMeltagun, Eviscerator, Sergeant Meltabombs PowerWeapon - 235p

If you have JumpPacks for your Priests, feel free to replace the current HQ choices and add them to the Assault Squads

This is just for quick inspirational purposes ofc. if you don't like this direction, other very different and nice lists can surely be built with your Collection. I can propose more if you want!
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