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8th Edition Confirmed Rumors!
« on: April 24, 2017, 07:00:45 PM »
The guys from Warhammer TV put on a Q&A this afternoon and confirmed a lot of rumors about the upcoming 8th edition.  The video is available on their facebook page if you want to see the full video.  A few highlights that I took from it;

1) Codexes are gone, but if you purchased a codex in the last 2 months, they are giving out vouchers.  This is a huge plus for GW in my books.

2) All rules and updated codexes are going to be available on release day.... and at a much cheaper cost.

3) New faction coming out on release day!  Not even sure what it will be, and looking forward to some rumors being leaked on this!

4) Extensive playtesting was actually performed on the new ruleset!  And not just by GW employees.  They actually had gamers, tournament coordinators and community leaders participate heavily in the play testing.  This gives me a lot of hope that they got it right this time!

5) They believe that this will be the most balanced edition yet.

6) They talked about rules being attached to "key words" in reference to not allowing deathstars.  An example to summarize what they discussed.... if an Eldar HQ has a special rule, it will only affect other Eldar units.  This should help prevent allying in units from other armies to build a deathstar. 

7) Command points...    Based on the type of force org you use (they said there are 14 total) you get a certain number of command points.  These points can be used once per phase.  They can be used to do things like interrupt a charge to allow the defending unit to attack first (they did confirm that the charging unit will attack first).  And all armies will have army specific options to spend command points that should match the playstyle of that army.

8) Vehicles and MCs will have a large wound pool and will perform worse as they loose wounds.  I love this for helping the narrative!

9) Stats are no longer capped at 10

I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to 8th!