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My 8th Ed observations
« on: August 09, 2017, 01:59:04 PM »
Hi all - new to the group....

I've played GK's for awhile now, but left 40k with 7th Edition.  When 8th came out, I gave it a try because my son's were excited about it and I've enjoyed 8th very much so far.

to date, I've played 8 games, all with GK's.  My observations

We've been doing 75 Power instead of Points and I've mostly used a variation on the following

1. Grand Master Voldus
2. Castellen Crowe or Brotherhood Champion or Brotherhood Ancient
3. Strike Squad (4 + 1 Justicar)
4. Strike Squad (4 + 1 Justicar)
5. Terminator Squad (4+1) or Paladin Squad (2+1)
6. Death Knight
7. Land Raider
8. Dreadnought or Purgation Squad or Strike Squad



I've been setting up my second leader in the Land Raider with a Strike Squad.  Both the leader and the Strike squad know Gates of Infinity.  With one other unit on the board and the other 4 on the Teleporter Pad, I've been getting first turn constantly. (just remember they have to start in the Land Raider to accelerate deployment)


I've had first turn stolen from me twice, and both times the other player sent in deep strikers into my back ranks.  The first time, I hadn't kept the Strike squad in the land raider and they got wiped out.  When this happens, It's fairly easy to drop everyone in Teleporter pad down to close ranks and wipe out anyone who attacks this way.  For me, it's a Death Knight, Terminators, Korvus and another strike squad.  I don't worry about being stuck on my side of the board as I can use Gates to move around.  If I retain first turn, I drop my team more judiciously... 

On the first turn I step my 2nd leader out of the Land Raider and then Gates of Infinity it into rapid fire range of a unit I believe I can kill for first blood.  I drop one or two other units from the Teleporter pad to help and I've been successful several times in getting that first blood credit.

On Weapons
After using Psycannons, Incinerators, & Psilencers I have to say I still prefer the Psycannons.  I roll really well to hit (3+ usually) but seem to fall down in wounding (4+ usual).  Using a weapon that gives you a 3+ to wound is important.  I find this to be consistent in my Land Raider and Death knight choices as well.  I do love throwing 36 attack dice when landing in rapid fire range with my LR crusader, but needing 4s still is a limiter.  I really think that each successful list must include higher strength weapons to deal the damage our opponents are dishing out. 

On Smite
yes, smite is limited in power, but darn near everything on the board can do it.  I've surrounded tough units and then proceeded to hit it with 5 smites, effectively eliminating the threat.  Manifesting at a 5, most opponents don't even try to deny (and even if they do, you are moving on to the next 4 anyway).  And Voldus is truly terrifying in that he can do 3 powers normally.  With Purge Soul, Gates and Hammerhand as options (with Smite) he is super. 

On Castellen Crowe in Melee
In melee - Rerolling 1's to hit and Wounding...then getting another cycle based on the number of hits you made - potentially leading to 5 more hits/wounds is extremely powerful.  I've seen him take and dish out a great deal of damage.  And he's got other cool stuff I haven't yet had to explore.  Yea, he is a good option.

My concerns
Shunting our guys around in combat via Gates is great - but the firepower of some armies (Imperials Guard, etc) that have access to a lot of Lascannons and Plasma mean tha these targets are going to be hit hard and quickly.  They are great at absorbing hits for objective and target based scenarios, but become almost a liability in Open War as they are high point value targets that will die. 

all in all, I've been having fun with the vanilla GKs from the index and am very much looking forward to their Codex.  I do think they suffer from not enough mini's on the table, especially with the hordes (orks, Imps, etc) that rampaging now.  We just can't stand up to the combined special weapons and high numbers some of these armies can field.  Admittedly, I don't have an optimal list (or range of available minis) but I am having fun in 40k again and I'll get better.  I understand this game version much more than I ever did, I am loving the Physker phase and love having my knights on the table again.

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Re: My 8th Ed observations
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2017, 03:20:31 AM »
Ive only had 2 games with the, so far.. my thoughts...

I had Razorbacks with twin linked assault cannons, strike squads Crowe and a Dreadknight.

Razorbacks with the Assault cannons ARE THE BUSINESS!!! Wow. Hard to kill and the firepower just whittles down units. I deploy the razorbacks and i DS with the dreadknight and strike squads. Each strike squad of 5 guys (MSU) puts out 20 shots. So 5 units of them.. 100 shots.. then charge means I get into combat with the justicar taking hammers and no special weapons, but wielding falchions.

For 118 points, strike squads are really good. Put out a lot of shots and if you DS them into cover they are on 2+ save. Your opponent has to deal with them because they are in their face, in into CC with the opposing army, but... the real sting is the 5 Razor backs shooting. Keep your razor backs together and I even mowed down the orc army I was facing.

The Dreadknight... ahh the Dreadknight.... WOW talk about resilient, quite capable of taking on units of 20 ork boys, firing from range and then up close.. wow very good. Id take 2.

Crowe also did very well. Give him gate so he can get around the field. Twice in game he had 10 attacks due to the rerolls and wounding extra hits, but the fact he gets a D6 smite really makes him hurt.

And I get see with joy some of the new things coming!

Grandmaster Dreadknight with 2+, give warlord trait for extra attack... YES PLEASE!
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