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Hello,  I just received my book today in the mail and I am super happy about it. There are 6 part in the book. All the data sheet for the regular forge world stuff, the Death Korps army list, Elysian Drop list, renegades and heretics army and Questor Imperialis for titans (which are bad ass by the way). 

The structure is the same as the regular index. The fist part simply expand the Astra Militarum army roster to pick from. I am also really happy about the Death Korps army list. I think the Death Korps will become a really popular army in 8th edition. They just have a lot a great option for leaders, equipment, variety of rules and genre between the units.

Let's start with an overview of the units in the first part of the book, I really wanted to see the update for.

1- Salamander Command Vehicle (elite choice)(basically a chimeras with no transport capacity)
The 2 important things to remember is the scout rule ans Aupex surveyor. The scout rule allow an extra 9" movement at the beginning of the first battle round just like sentinels. Aupex Surveyor helps a single vehicles per turn within 6" to add one to all hit rolls with the same regiment keyword.

 It is now an amazing boost for any vehicles but even more for any titanic vehicles the guard has. Park one behind any variant of Baneblade and you will melt everything around on a 3+.

2- Hades Breaching Drill Squadron (elite choice) (A personal favorite, I have 2 of those)
The drill received according to me a massive buff. Transforming from a fragile vehicles with an under powered Trigon ability. Now a force to push forward with the veteran squad attach with it. 3+ melee T7 W7 D6 attack and a 3+ save, your drill will see a lot of action cutting down vehicles and turning monstrous creatures into goo. Now the Veteran squad attach to it arrives on the same turn as the drill as well. The book has the vets shoot at 4+ but it is probably a typo that will be fixed in the FAQ. Veteran are equip with shotguns without option for regular Lasgun.

A must have at least one in any collection.

3- Trojan Support Vehicle (Dedicated transport)
Basically a chimera without turret with transport of 6 passengers, but the support vehicle rule is amazing. During the shooting phase a single <regiment> vehicle within 6" can re-roll all failed to hit roll.
This is great. Now that dedicated transport can be taken with any other choice. The Trojan can be vary tempting for armored company or any list with high volume of fire from a single vehicle. It is also a great support tank for any titanic vehicle.

4- Cyclops Demolition Vehicle (Heavy Support)

This thing blows up big and it is good enough, now that the template are gone this bomb on tracks can actually hit something when detonating and there are no longer a single crew require to drive the cyclops around. It blows automatically hitting its target which is an other big winner with 2D6 hit. By the way the targets are every units within D6".

5-Artillery (all choices) All very good.
In exchange of immobile models you get cheaper Earthshaker cannon, griffon and heavy mortar gun. Great to min max army or to have a strong theme going on.

(Special mansion to the Heavy Quad Launcher Battery) It is a poor man  wyvern with it 4D6 shots until you realize, you have a crew firing it which can receive regular orders.

6- Leman Russ Conqueror with co-axial storm bolter ( The Russ you want in your army)
You exchange some of the range of the battle cannon against more accuracy. When the co-axial storm bolter shoot at the same target has the conqueror battle cannon, you can reroll a to hit roll. Great reroll at 24" on the main gun.

7- The Malcador Defender. Heavy support. (This guy is not a titanic vehicle, but sure have the fire power of one.)
7, yes, 7 heavy bolters and 1 Demolisher cannon. Combine with any support vehicle this tank can be a monster in the shooting phase. Rocking 18 wound and and firing overwatch on 5+.

8- Sentinel Powerlifters (all that powerlift finally paid off)
Simply said, those are the Ogryns you were looking for. Forget the scout sentinel with heavy flamer scouting forward to slow down the advance. Get yourself a powerlifter today to do the same job, but, now with 3 attacks in close combat and a badass melee weapon.

There are a lot of other amazing datasheet in the book, but those are among my favorites.

Next Death Korps of Krieg Army list quick review.
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My first game of 8th Edition was with my new Astra Militarum army. 1500 Points vs Raven Wing. I brought a Salamander Command Vehicle, Baneblade, Pask,  2 Leman Russ tanks, a Tech-priest, and a Stygies Tank Destroyer.

The Salamander sat behind the Baneblade and added +1 to hit rolls. For roughly 100 points I do think it is well worth it. The Salamander itself is also not bad at BS3+

In addition, the Stygies tank Destroyer should not be overlooked. It's a D3 shot cannonball with tankhunter which means you roll two dice for damage and discard the lowest against vehicles.
In my first game, it preformed alright given the lack of tanks, but it was still able to inflict some damage on a Dark-Shroud. It comes it at a slightly higher cost than a vanquisher (170), but it does have D3 shots rather than one, and an extra wound from 12 to 130.

The last thing that really caught my eye was the Malcador Infernus with the chemical fuel. It's just a buffed chem-cannon from a Bane-Wolf, but it should not be overlooked as a deep-strike deterrent. 16 in ranges with auto-hit means that assaulting it with anything but a dreadnought is going to be nasty.

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