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Discussion: Dark Angels / Chapter Tactics
« on: July 20, 2017, 04:19:28 AM »

Chapter Tactics are out for Space Marines. What Chapter Tactics would you like to see for Dark Angels?

A little brainstorming on what we lost:
- grim resolve: stubborn, overwatch on 5+
- ravenwing: reroll- jink, (hit and run, scout, outflank). Kind of useless jink is still existing.
- deathwing: hatred (CSM), (vengeful strike). Fearless and hatred (fallen) is still existing.

In general I would like to see 3 different "chapter tactics" for deathwing, ravenwing and greenwing. And some stratagems for synergy between them.
To encourage mixed wing.

Discussion: Dark Angels / Grim Resolve and Jink, always played wrong?
« on: October 21, 2016, 06:04:13 AM »
How do you play overwatch with grim resolve if you jinked?

I played: If a ravenwing bike jinked, it fires overwatch with BS 1. And I have never seen it been played different in any battle report.

After reading the rules and FAQ again I think this is wrong!  :o

Grim resolve is better. Rules as written: "Models with this special rule fire overwatch with BS2." Nowhere in the grim resolve rule does it say, unless jinking.

In the FAQ it says: "A model witch grim resolve fires overwatch with BS 2. This is not effected by invisibility." It does not talk about jinking, but it makes clear (to me), that with grim resolve you always fire overwatch with BS 2. This is not effected by invisibility (or jinking). Invisibility and jinking makes you snap fire (with BS 1), this is overruled by grim resolve to BS 2.

The demi battle company comes with the rule "firediscipline": It says: " If not jinking all models in this formation with the grim resolve special rule fire overwatch with BS 3 instead of 2."

This is where the BS 1 interpretation is from. The firediscipline and supreme firediscipline (full BS in overwatch) rule (lions blade strike force) is effected by jinking not the grim resolve rule itself!

A ravenwing bike as part of a lions blade sf, if not jinking fires overwatch with BS 4 and if jinking with BS 2.

This is rules as written (and intended, FAQ?). A "sensational" discovery for me, after playing the new codex from day 1.

What do you think, how do you play it?

40K Rules Questions / Twin-linked, do you have to reroll?
« on: October 08, 2016, 11:10:00 AM »

Twin-linked weapons, do you have to reroll misses or are you allowed to reroll misses? Could someone quote the English rule-text (German rule book is not clear).

With twin linked plasma weapons (plasma talons) it could be better not to reroll misses (of 2), to avoid the risk of overheating. Or in overwatch to only reroll 1s.

Thank you  :)

Discussion: Dark Angels / Mysterious Objectives and Ravenwing
« on: August 14, 2015, 08:27:04 AM »
Last battle I played a 2000 points Ravenwing-Deathwing list against Necrons allied with Tau.

I had some luck and 4 objectives were "Scatter-fields" => +1 to jink.

After my turn 3 the opponent conceded, he could not shoot the Ravenwing (with 3+ re roll jink save) and on turn 3 the Terminators were upon him.

Conclusion: If you play with Mysterious Objectives and have Scatterfield, Ravenwing is even more powerful.

Discussion: Dark Angels / DA Azrael and Ravenwing Combo
« on: February 15, 2015, 12:02:15 PM »
Some days ago I rebased Azrael with the new 32mm base. Because it is metal and with the large banner it was always top heavy, now it is much more stable. I would recommend everyone to do it.

Now to the topic. For me, the best combo with Arzael is to join a unit of Ravenwing Bikes:

You gain:
- majority T5
- scout
- objective secure
- hit and run (only fail on 6)
- 4++ for squad (no jink => fire special weapons on full BS)

Minimum is a 3 man Ravenwing Squad (80 Points).
Maximum would be 6 man Squad with 2 Plasma Guns and Vet. Sergeant mit Power Fist (226 Points)

Azrael can choose his warlord trade, take "feel no pain for him and squad within 3" of objective". Scout up and move to an objective.

The synergy is fantastic. T5, 2+ 4++, feel no pain, hit and run ...

The "weakness" of Azrael is the AP3 weapon => use the Power Fist. If Plasma overheats => feel no pain. "Bolterfire" => tank with Azrael, "Lascannon" => look out sir 2+ on bike => 4++ and feel no pain.  8)

I used this combo several times, always good, will give some examples later.

What do you think?

Discussion: Dark Angels / DA Assault Squad Drop Pod
« on: February 01, 2015, 02:29:54 PM »
I found a combo, that is a little bit better than in the Space Marine Codex.

Take a Assault Squad, remove the jump packs and take a drop pod for free. Buy 2 flamers and a combi flamer for the sergeant (105 points only). Space Marine assault sergeants canīt take combi weapons, DA can :)

You get a very good A-strike unit with 3 flamers against hordes and open toped vehicles.

Used it with very good results yesterday, burned out 11 Dark Eldar from 2 Raiders. Turn 2, 1 Marine survived and exploded a Raider with crack grenade, because the DE was to arrogant to jink. DE passengers got pinned aswell.

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