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40K Rules Questions / Re: Stratagem usage
« on: February 10, 2018, 06:34:18 PM »
Thanks again!  ;D

Ok, thanks a lot!  :D

40K Rules Questions / Stratagem usage
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:52:20 PM »
I've been told that you can only use every stratagem once per phase. I can find no mention of this, but I might be missing something. The only mention I found which kinda contradicts this is this:
"[...] Unless
otherwise noted, you can use the same Stratagem
multiple times during the course of a battle. [...]" - Rulebook, page 242, Command Points

Can anyone tell me if what I've been told is correct - if so, can you give me a source? Can I use the same stratagem several times per phase?
For example, Let's say I fired a Plasma Gun in Rapid fire range, and rolled two 1s. Can I use the  Command Re-roll stratagem twice to re-roll both 1s?

"[...] A unit that Advances canít shoot
or charge later that turn." - excerpt from Core Rules in the 8th ed Rulebook.

So if I advance a unit, I can't shoot. But...

"A model with an Assault weapon can fire
it even if it Advanced earlier that turn. [...]" - Core Rules ^.

So my question about this is about grenades and pistols.
Both grenades and pistols can be used instead of other ranged weapons:

On Grenades:
"Each time a unit shoots, a single model in
the unit that is equipped with Grenades
may throw one instead of firing any
other weapon." - Core Rules ^.

On Pistols:
"[...] Each time a model equipped with both a
Pistol and another type of ranged weapon
(e.g. a Pistol and a Rapid Fire weapon)
shoots, it can either shoot with its
Pistol(s) or with all of its other weapons.
Choose which it will fire (Pistols or non-
Pistols) before making hit rolls." - Core Rules ^.

The question is:
* Can I make a shooting attack with a Grenade/Pistol weapon after advancing?
Can I do it if the model I am choosing is equipped with an Assault weapon (which can fire after advancing, and by the logic that I can use a Grenade/pistol instead of the Assault weapon)?
Can I use a Grenade if another model in the unit is making an attack with an Assault Weapon? With the logic that whenever a unit shoots, it can throw a grenade - and so, if it can shoot an Assault weapon, it could also shoot a grenade?

Reason for question:
I got shoot by a bunch of advancing Ork Boys armed with Choppas and Sluggas, which then charged...

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