Author Topic: Starting a genestealer cult army.  (Read 1581 times)

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Starting a genestealer cult army.
« on: October 08, 2016, 11:19:16 PM »
 Hello I am starting a genestealer cult army. I have one deathwatch overkill set. One neophyte hybrid squad. Two acolyte hybrid squads. Over 40 genestealers. The old walking patriarch with two familiars (lead). One broodlord I plan to use as a patriarch. Two cadian imperial guard squads. Many other miniatures I will use as neophytes, this will be about 60 miniatures.
 I am planning on buying two of the trucks and the "Neophyte Hybrid Armoured Claw" from GW.
 OK so I am going to do the broodcycle and the first curse formations for sure I like the way the formations play. I will use them as part of the cult insurrection detachment. I am also planning on one standard detachment as two patriarch or magus and two neophyte squads. I plan to do this for extra psyker powers and warp charges. I have heard other people using nids or IG but I am not planning on using allies.
 Tell me what you all think and share your ideas please.