Author Topic: Gladius Strike Force, Company Support, and Strike Force Command.  (Read 1456 times)

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I am new to 40k, and I am tinkering with the rules to get a feel for what I want to field. I noticed in the listing of the Gladius Strike Force,

"If a Gladius Strike Force includes two Battle Demi-companies, one
including a Captain and the other including a Chaplain, then together they form a Battle
Company. Any unit from the Battle Company that has the option to take a Rhino,
Razorback or Drop Pod as a Dedicated Transport may take one at no points cost (though
they must pay for any additional upgrades and options as normal)."

SO, here is the question, does a strike force command that is in the GSF benefit from the Company Support rule?

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Re: Gladius Strike Force, Company Support, and Strike Force Command.
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No because they are outside of the amalgam called 'Battle Company'.  They're playing it a bit fast and loose with the terms by renaming what is two Formations stuck together, but it still follows the basic principles beyond that.  If something is not in the Formation named, it doesn't interact with it in any way outside of the Allies chart. It's a trickle down system only.