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8th Ed. Support Weapons (submitted for inclusion in Guide)
« on: October 31, 2017, 10:25:56 AM »
Support Weapons

Stat Line
• Unchanged from the Index


• With a short range and variable number of shots, the D-cannon will not make your opponent quake in fear. And given that you cannot buff more than one support weapon at a time (due to Support Weapon deployment rules), the D-cannon is not going to be worth the points in competitive lists. However, given its small footprint, no-look shooting (what a difference that makes!), improved strength and reasonable cost per D-cannon (~3 LasCannons), it is still a solid, playable choice. On a table with more than an average amount of terrain, an Alaitoc D-cannon could be a nightmare (Alaitoc is clearly the best option, with Ulthwe coming in second).

Shadow weaver
• The Shadow weaver, a favorite of mine in 6th and 7th edition due to its low investment cost and capacity to over-perform (particularly with Guide), now serves as the cheapest way to unlock a Brigade, though not the best choice, point-for-point (I think the War Walker wins out). Previously, the ability to stack templates on elite units (and fish for 6’s) was the way to go. Now, due to the fact that you cannot buff, except via auras, support weapons, the Shadow weaver has lost most of its offensive appeal. Still, it is useful as a cheap backfield objective-holder that is hard to shift (Alaitoc, in cover, and out of Line of Sight) and still able to reach out to other parts of the table (chipping away at your opponent’s backfield objective holders throughout the game).

Vibro cannon
• Ah, the much neglected Vibro cannon is back (in a relative way)! While the Vibro cannon does not enjoy the advantage of no-look shooting that the D-cannon and Shadow weaver have, it does, without question, have the most interesting (and verbose) Ability description of the three. This version of the support weapon is the only one it makes sense to take three of straightaway, as they are now a variable shot AutoCannon that improves in AP and To Wound rolls for each successive Vibro cannon that hits the same target, up to two more. That puts the third Vibro cannon on 2’s To Wound versus T7, at AP-3. Not unimpressive, for less than a 200 point investment. And, as a final perk, any unit that suffers a wound (has damage inflicted on it) from a Vibro cannon cannot Advance in its next Movement phase (with an exception for units that can Fly). None of this makes the Vibro cannon a competitive choice for tournament play, but it certainly does make them more viable than they’ve been in a long time. It’s even more vital for Vibro cannons to be Alaitoc than anything else, as they have to have Line of Sight to their targets.

Synergies & Best Craftworlds
• Unfortunately, due to 8th edition rules for artillery-style units, there are no synergies worth capitalizing on, other than perhaps a re-roll 1’s aura. Fortunately, support weapons seem to be priced with this in mind.
• Alaitoc is, hands down, the best Craftworld for support weapons. Even if you’re not taking an entirely Alaitoc army, you should consider taking an Alaitoc Heavy Support detachment if you plan on using support weapons. Ulthwe is a reasonable alternative.
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