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8th Ed. War Walkers (submitted for inclusion in Guide)
« on: November 01, 2017, 11:28:22 AM »
War Walkers

Stat Line
• Unchanged from Index

Main Playstyles & Loadouts
• In my view, there are two ways to play War Walkers: 1) As scouts, taking advantage of their 8th edition “Outflank” rule to get behind enemy lines asap. 2) As support platforms, leveraging the Alaitoc Craftworld Trait to significantly increase their survivability in conjunction with being an attractive target for buffs (Guide).
• Along with these playstyles, I think there are two clearly superior loadouts: Shuriken Cannons for ‘Scout’ Walkers and Bright Lances for ‘Support’ Walkers.

Weapon Options

Shuriken cannon (ONLY ‘Scout’ Walker loadout)
• The best option for ‘Scout’ Walkers. With the removal of armor facing from the game, there is no longer any significant advantage gained by outflanking the other heavy weapons. Now, the only reason to do so would be to line up parallel to the back edge of the table, where the walkers are likely to have unobstructed views of the opposing backfield (given common terrain placement rules). Shuriken cannons being the only heavy weapon designated as Assault makes them clearly superior on a unit that is intended to move. ‘Scout’ Walkers do not HAVE to start off the board however, given their fast movement and no penalty for Advancing, they can be placed on the flanks and move well up the board on turn one (not recommended for Hammer & Anvil style deployments, where it’s still better to Outflank). ‘Scout’ Walkers are good, perhaps even best, as Biel Tan, where they put the Craftworld Trait to good use.

Scatter laser (Not Recommended)
• The Scatter Laser did not transition to 8th edition very well. The Heavy tag and lack of AP (They used to be AP6, right?) mean that they don’t perform well. If they had been moved into the Assault category, there would be potential for debate between their range and volume of shots compared to the Shuriken Cannon’s ‘magic sixes’ rule. Alas, they did not, and so are the least attractive of the weapon options.

Star cannon (Not Recommended)
• The Star Cannon is…in an awkward place. You want it on a platform that is either not going to move, or that has access to the Crystal Targeting Matrix. Regardless, Star Cannons seem over-priced compared to their performance; balancing and point-costing D3 damage weapons is difficult. I would not argue that Star Cannons are unplayable, they’re just not competitive.

Bright lance (Primary ‘Support’ Walker Loadout)
• The Bright Lance is THE weapon to use on support walkers. If you’re concerned about alpha-strikes, then you can still Outflank them, but just bring them on into your backfield, where they can be buffed (Guide) to make up for the movement penalty they incur. Otherwise, make sure they are Alaitoc, in cover (and Obscured) and plink away.

Aeldari missile launcher (Secondary ‘Support’ Walker Loadout)
• Missile launchers, in general, are in an odd place in 8th edition. In my opinion they could all stand to be 2 points cheaper than they are. LasCannons are easy to understand and clearly worth their points. Missile launchers seem to be paying a ‘utility’ tax that just doesn’t come into play often enough to warrant the extra cost. Aeldari missile launchers are worth consideration because Doom exists. If it didn’t, then only Bright Lances would be a valid option. Doom boosts the Aeldari missile launcher’s performance to near Bright Lance levels, meaning that the secondary function (“Sunburst”), with its AP-1, also becomes interesting. Without additional support from a Farseer, the Aeldari missile launcher is not as attractive as the Bright Lance. If you want flexibility in your weapon system, and are willing to invest the extra points to support the unit, the Aeldari missile launcher is for you.

• Outflank is back! Thank goodness for this. The Index iteration of the Craftworlds was very light on ways to put units in reserves. I got rather tired of seeing my War Walkers shot off the table before they got to do anything. Now, as with all glass cannon units, they are able to engage, at least once, on their own terms. Just remember that even if you are running ‘Support’ Walkers, you can, and sometimes should, still hold them off the table. They will be high-priority targets, so taking a -1 To Hit for a turn will always be worth having them around for longer.

Synergies & Best Craftworlds
• Guide and Doom are obvious synergies, particularly for ‘Support’ Walkers. One of the BEST synergies, also requiring a Farseer, is the Forewarned Stratagem! Another excellent Stratagem is Fire and Fade.
• ‘Support’ Walkers are, unsurprisingly, best played as Alaitoc, with Ulthwe coming in second. ‘Scout’ Walkers are best played as Biel Tan, as they can and will often be operating on their own.
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