Author Topic: 8th Edition Ranges & Line of Sight Questions  (Read 284 times)

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8th Edition Ranges & Line of Sight Questions
« on: November 26, 2017, 11:20:31 AM »
All of the following questions have come up in my gaming group as critical elements that seem unclear if you guys can help us out here we didn't find a proper answer on our own.

Do you measure distances to base of the model at all times for any reason?

In the fight phase if fighting an enemy holding higher ground (2nd floor of ruins, etc) with a unit of 3 models of which only 1 has made it 1" of an enemy. The other 2 are directly beneath after pile-in moves does this mean that only 1 model in the unit can fight? Even if the models beneath are tall enough (Assault Centurions for example) that their head is close enough to be within 1" of their squadmate's base?

Can a vehicle/monster declare a charge against units standing on 2nd or 3rd floor or ruins if it is tall enough to move within 1" of the enemy model? For example: Sydonian Dragoons or a Wraithknight. These models are clearly tall enough but their base can never be within 1"

Must coherency be maintained during fight phase? If I am engaged with more than 1 enemy unit after Charging can I pile-in and break coherency for the purpose of moving closer to the enemy.

Are aura ability range measured from base of model? If a Wraithknight had an 6" aura ability to grant re-rolls. And he would be standing next to a 4 story ruined building with a unit from the same faction on each level. Would all units benefit if physically within 6" of the Wraithknight body.

How does line of sight actually work in 8th? Unlike previous editions where you needed a model's eye view, current rules say "look from behind the model" this is very broad as any part of the model would fit this criteria does this mean Mortarion can draw line of sight from his Wings to a target? What is the proper way to determine if you have LOS.

It is clear in the rules that you can target an enemy if you can see "ANY" part of him, does this include Wings, Horns, Capes, Turrets, etc?

When a weapon has 2 ranges given, what does it mean? For example a Plagueburst Crawler has a range of 12"-48". Does this mean it cannot fire against an enemy unit within 10" or what exactly?