Whats the best Hive Fleet Adaptation?


Author Topic: Tyranid Hive Fleet Adaptations  (Read 632 times)

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Tyranid Hive Fleet Adaptations
« on: November 27, 2017, 03:45:37 PM »
Ok lads, poll time.
Which Hive Fleet Adaptation do you prefer the most? (including Hive Fleet specific stratagems, warlord traits and artefacts)
Strongest? Weakest?
What kind of playstyle does each of them work best with?

I personally really like Jormungandr, IMO it gives you a "best of all worlds" by simply making all your units more durable and less dependant on terrain features in game. On the other hand, it does require certain sacrifices (no advancing, failing a charge leaves you out in the open AND loses you your buff).

I also think Hydra is pretty terrible. Their Warlord Trait is actually pretty cool, but their relic is just meh and their adaptation seems nearly useless.

What are your opinions?